HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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Getting Orchestrated for SAP with IT Orchestration

Getting Orchestrated for SAP with IT Orchestration


IT infrastructure, systems and applications are continuing to grow in size and complexity. New scalable and dynamic technologies such as virtualization and containers are further increasing IT demands and expectations from the business. To meet these new and increased demands, the number of scripts and point tools within the data center are growing exponentially. Each of the server, database, and application teams—as well as SAP Basis Administrators—tend to work independently from each other. Unfortunately this independence comes at a cost. It results in limited collaboration, and often relies on error-prone manual handoffs—increasing costs and delaying delivery of services to internal and external customers. 

A specific example of this inefficiency is individually made SAP scripts; they are difficult to create, manage and execute. These scripts are also difficult to maintain, hard to share and re-use, hard to test, and are not auditable. Hewlett Packard Enterprise addresses the limitations of scripting by reducing the administrative complexity of flow creation and authoring through HPE Operations Orchestration IT orchestration software.

 HPE Operations Orchestration provides an easy-to-use interface using an intuitive drag-and-wire design to create and customize new flows, debug flows, and generate documents. It also allows for the efficient delivery of flows by letting you compare and promote flows across multiple environments. These processes can be easily documented and this structured documentation can be generated to support compliance requirements as needed.

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 The administrative interface within HPE Operations Orchestration also provides a dashboard with reporting capabilities for ROI and execution metrics. These capabilities offer flexibility in flow execution to reduce administrative time and increase agility. You can request reporting for execution events, average execution time, or even customized reports for every user.    

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 With HPE’s Operations Orchestration you can increase the value of your SAP environment while:

  • Decreasing the number of errors related to manual scripting
  • Increasing the speed of service delivery
  • Ultimately decreasing the costs associated with the operation and administration of your SAP processes

 Get started with our free Operations Orchestration community edition software today!

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Megan Glick is a Product Marketing Manager of the Data Center Automation team.

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I appreciate the framework laid out here. Question: how easy is it to parameterize SAP scripts so that you can use selection lists (manually maintained or database driven) to substitute in environment/deployment specific parameters? Is that the end-state of this kind of orchestration?

Regular Contributor.

Had this in test environment for a while now, it has been assisting with some Operations Agent Health on the back of Health Check alerts.

We are going into production shortly, I am just completing a request for new servers now!