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Get Smart - Best practice to extend metric collection on Windows

Get Smart - Best practice to extend metric collection on Windows


The following is a guest post by Ramakrishna Baipadithaya Kenchabhatre, HPE OpsBridge R&D Specialist

In general many servers used in the industry have sqlserver installed by default. I was always wondering on how to collect metrics for the same, store them, draw historical graphs and generate alarms based on thresholds.
Extended Collection Builder and Manager (ECBM) came to my rescue in achieving this. ECBM allows integration of any Windows Performance monitor (perfmon) metrics into HPE Operations Agent (OA).

Let me show you how I captured the metrics using ECBM:

I started by running “mwecbm” command from my Windows command prompt. It opened up a Graphical User Interface (GUI) listing down all perfmon metrics. I selected Process->sqlserver and selected the relevant metrics. I also wanted an alarm once the value of private bytes goes beyond 4096 MB.



It is easily possible. with the help of ECBM. 


A Right click on the metric gives an option “Configure Metric









The next thing is to get the metrics logged at the same interval like OA does. Hence, I right clicked on the policy untitled.met) and selected “Configure Policy”.







Next I saved the policy with name “sqlserver_io_mem.met”.  

It is time to register and start the collection.  

It can be done using the GUI or using the command – mwcmcmd. I chose the GUI itself to register. 



I opened the File->Register option and selected the saved policy file. Register Collection Window opens as shown. I then clicked OK and the collection starts running.

A new data source named sqlserver_io_mem is now available and can be checked using the commands like ovcodautil.
These metrics could be seamlessly graphed using reporting tools like HPE Performance Manager.


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