HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Free Community Workshop: Develop your own OMi Management Pack

Free Community Workshop: Develop your own OMi Management Pack


Sign up and learn how to make your own Operations Manager i Management Packs. This is your opportunity to explore your capabilities and truly build Management Packs to meet your incident management needs.



Learn skills, develop and submit your content to the community, and earn points on “ITOM Insiders” along the way. Here are the steps to join us in this free community workshop:

1) Register for the event

Make sure you register for the workshop in order to receive your invitation for the virtual kickoff session, additional information and updates about the event. You have until Friday, May 20th to register.

2) Get the Skills, Resources and Support

Next, get access to all the material you will need for building your Management Pack for HPE Operations Manager i.

Use our resources about Operations Manager i (OMi) and Management Pack development to get started.

R&D experts at HPE will provide guidance and support in the OMi Integrations forum during the workshop.

3) Make your choice

Select one of the 15 suggested third-party applications to develop a Management Pack for:





 4) Develop your Management Pack

Use your existing OMi environment or download a trial version or virtual appliance to get started.

Setup a new project on GitHub and develop your Management Pack. Ask for help, discuss and learn with others in the forum.

5) Submit it to the Community

In a few easy steps submit your Management Pack to the community once finished and tested.

See what others have developed during this hackathon and discuss the different approaches with them.

Get visibility into the community and receive feedback that will help you improve your skills in Management Pack development.

6) Earn Points on “ITOM Insiders”

As if getting a free training, free resources and direct access to our experts isn’t enough, you are also eligible to earn points on ITOM Insiders around HPE IT Operations Management.

That's right: Registering for the event will give you a few points, you’ll get a few more for attending each of the two webinars, and even more points for your content submission! Once you've earned all these points, you can get a voucher for them.


Friday, May 20th, 2016:            End of registration period

Monday, May 23rd, 2016:         Virtual Kickoff Session (register to receive invitation)

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016:    Virtual Webinar “Meet the experts”

Friday, May 27th, 2016:             Finish & Submit Content

And don’t forget to register for the workshop!

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I'd be intersted in looking at integrating with WhatsUpGold monitoring. Would this be possible? Not seen any articles relating to WUG here yet..


Trusted Contributor.

Hi cjb_1,

Of course you can develop an integration for WhatsUpGold during the workshop.

The list of applications in the blog article are our suggestions only. Develop and submit an integration with any of these and you will be eligible for 600 points on the ITOM Insiders platform (plus more points for attending the webinars etc). If participants choose to develop an integration for some other application, we will need to make this decision case-by-case.

Of course you would get access to the same useful resources and to R&D experts as everybody else, no matter what application you choose. Also the points for registering and attending the webinars won't depend on the chosen application.

I hope to welcome you to the workshop beginning on May 23rd.

Best regards