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Faster delivery of NNMi content

Faster delivery of NNMi content


Guest post by Shikha Tandon 

You asked for NNMi content faster, we delivered. 

Network Node Manager i (NNMi) helps network operators manage complex networking infrastructure. While providing rich features to help monitoring network devices, NNMi also needs to continuously expand its breadth of device support to ensure coverage of all key network device vendors.

The new NNMi Device Content Pack is a release train that delivers a Content Pack every alternate month. It enables you to extend the device support of NNMi 10.10 to additional network devices without requiring an additional patch or update to the existing NNMi 10.10 installation.  The NNMi Device Content Pack delivers:

  • New device vendor/model support
  • Enhancements in device discovery or management
  • New device profiles

The documentation includes:

  • Device Content Pack bulletin has a list of defects addressed in the current Device Content Pack release
  • README provides installation instructions
  • NNMi Device Support Matrix provides a list of supported devices

How to obtain the NNMi Device Content Pack?

The NNMi Device Content Pack is available on HPE Live Network. You can refer to the Device Content Pack documentation (available with the Device Content Pack) to get more details. You need a valid NNMi Service Agreement ID (SAID) to access HPE Live Network.

Refer to HPE Live Network for the NNMi Device Content Pack and documentation.  Please subscribe to HPE Live Network for automatic notification for Device Content Pack release announcements.


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  1. What was happening before Device Content Pack release?

Every new device support request either enhancement or defect had to wait for an NNMi patch or NNMi major/minor release. Hotfixes were frequently released to add/fix new device content. However customers have a challenge in maintaining their environment with multiple hotfixes.

2. What are the paybacks of adopting NNMi Device Content pack off-cycle release?

  • Do away with hotfixes for device support.
  • Customers will get device enhancement & certifications more frequently.
  • Hassle free installation for NNMi supported platforms.
  • Releases are cumulative
  • Regular frequency of Device Content Pack release.
  • Removes dependency on NNMi patches.

3. What platforms are supported by NNMi Device Content Pack?

            NNMi supported Windows & Linux platforms are supported by Device Content Pack.

 4.How is a Device Content Pack release different from the NNMi patch release cycle?

The Device Content Pack release is regularly scheduled and enables customers to get their requests to be addressed sooner.

5. How can a request be raised for new device support?

There is no change in process of raising new requests. Please contact HPE support to raise new requests.

 6. How does it align with NNMi Major/Minor Releases?

Device Content Pack is aligned with NNMi major/minor releases. NNMi releases will contain the then released latest Device Content Pack. It will be part of NNMi installation/upgrade. Device Content Packs are always cumulative.

If you have any questions please let us know in the comments.


About the author: Shikha Tandon, Software Specialist, HPE Network Node Manager

As a member of HPE Network Node Manager R&D team, Shikha has nearly 10 years of experience in developing software in networking, big data analytics
and data warehousing domains.

Shikha is currently responsible for NNMi content development and in her CPE role handling customer issues.

Shikha holds a graduate degree in Information Technology from Rajeev Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, India.

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