HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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Exploring the potential of HPE Operations Agent version 12

Exploring the potential of HPE Operations Agent version 12


With contributions from Roshu Dutta, the IE lead for HPE Operations Agent


This blog article has been revised to reflect updates to Operations Agent. Now at 12.01, Operations Agent is at the core of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s premier automated IT monitoring solution, Operations Bridge.

To learn how organizations have:

  • Reduced event volume by 65 percent,
  • Generated year-one ROI of 300 percent
  • Gained real-time, “groundbreaking visibility” of the state of their businesses

Visit the HPE Operations Bridge page.


Orginal post


HPE Operations Agent (HPE OA), the bedrock of agent-based event and performance monitoring in Operations Bridge (OpsB), just took another giant leap forward. HPE OA recently released version 12: the next generation in IT monitoring solutions. HPE Operations Agent was rebuilt from the ground up for the new style of IT and business.

 As an Operations Agent user, you may have had questions about previous versions like:

  • How to reduce the time spent on installing and configuring agents?
  • How to automate large scale agent deployments?
  • How to make sure all the agents in my environment are up and running?
  • How to recover the stored Performance metrics if there is a file corruption?
  • How to log custom metrics faster? Support for SNMP v3?

I know this is just the tip of the iceberg of potential questions. And you are in luck, because this version has answers to all these questions and more, with a huge number of improvements and features.


 Simplified and Faster Agent Installation

 First, you can get Operations Agent 12 up and running faster on all platforms than any of our previous versions. The new version installs 50 percent faster on Windows than previous versions.


OpsB manager.png

It features automatic large-scale roll-out from a central repository (AIRVA: Agent Install Repository Virtual Appliance) and offers easy integration with a variety of software tools like HPE System Automation, HPE Operations Orchestration, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, puppet, yum, and more. Now, agent deployment in the cloud is easier than ever before.

Check out the Operations Agent 12.00 Installation Guide for more information.


Agent Resilience: 360° Agent Health Visibility

agent health view.PNG

Second, a new Health View Dashboard gives you full insight into agent health and availability across thousands of servers in one convenient dashboard. You will need this fast insight because it’s so easy to scale the HPE OA 12. Now you can drill down to a specific agent, visualize agent performance, explore sub-agent policies and review agent component level details in one single UI. What’s more, you can install the Dashboard on an OM server or a non-OM server as well (it is more suitable for OMi environment).

Check the Operations Agent 12.00 Health View Guide for more information.


Simplified Performance Data Store

With HPE Operations Agent 12.00, multiple proprietary data stores such as CODASCOPE and DSI have been consolidated into a single in-proc RDBMS based data store using SQLite. The in-proc SQLite data store enables easy maintenance of data and data recovery with minimal loss - in case of corruption.

The CODA and Scope processes (scopeux and scopent) are consolidated into a single process called oacore process. The process of custom data logging has been simplified with the use of new faster APIs. You can use these APIs to seamlessly log custom data into the Metrics Datastore at a much faster rate.


New Metrics and Real-time Collection

There are many new metrics that are being collected and stored with HPE OA 12. For the end user though, there is no change in the user experience. All integrations work seamlessly.

Along with OMi’s Performance Dashboard “Realtime View,” you can have the power of instant monitoring. You will see the server and application performance every second, so if you have to troubleshoot any issues you can visualize hundreds of critical metrics in real time.

You can view the new metrics in the Operations Agent 12.00 Handbook of Metrics.

There has been some refactoring done to remove redundant and unused interfaces, so check the Operations Agent 12.00 User Guide for more information.


Extended Coverage

Finally, you get better and improved platform coverage, many enhancements, protocol support for secure enterprise data centers and support for SNMPv3 that means easier compliance and end to end coverage. For everyone it means better monitoring right out of the box.

For more details about the enhancements, known limitations and new features, please refer to the HPE Operations agent 12.00 Release notes.


Additional Information: x86 Virtualization Technology Evolution from HPE Operations Agent to HPE Cloud Optimizer (formerly vPV)

HPE has announced the following updates with HPE Operations Agent 12.00:

  • Operations Agent Virtual Appliance is discontinued. Also Smart Plug-in for Virtualization (VI SPI)for x86 is discontinued. HPE Cloud Optimizer is the way forward for x86 Cloud Optimizer also supports a host of other virtualization technologies.
  • Operations Agent v12 and higher versions will no longer collect x86virtualization related (BYLS) metrics on Linux and Windows i.e. for VMware, vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and Xen.

Users can continue to use the VI SPI and the virtualization component of the OMi Management Pack for Infrastructure that shipped in Operations Agent 11.1x until its obsolescence.

Non-x86 virtualization technologies (HPVM, AIX, Solaris) will continue to be supported in VI SPI and VI Management Pack shipped in Operations Agent v12. 

HPE Operations Smart Plug-in for Virtualization (VI SPI) and HPE OMi Management Pack for Infrastructure users can start to use a monitoring-only edition of Cloud Optimizer for x86 Virtualization technologies such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and Xen.

For more details about this, please refer to the HP Operations agent 12.00 Release notes.

There is also a zip of all the manuals, you can find it here.



HPE Operations Agent is the top agent-based monitoring solution, and now with HPE OA 12 it has taken another incredible leap forward! It gives you 50 percent faster installation, complete visibility, increased performance, improved coverage and better out-of-the box integrations. HPE OA 12 is more powerful than ever before. It offers a more robust performance data store, additional performance metrics, faster APIs to store custom metrics and better corruption handling means a boost in performance.

Overall, the new features of the Operations Agent 12 dramatically enhance the system collection capability of HPE’s premiere, automated IT monitoring solution, Operations Bridge.



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What about virtualizaton support for Red Hat RHEV?

Honored Contributor.

Dmitry, All x86 based virtualization technologies including RHEV are not supported, RHEV is again based on KVM.


Hello Girish,

we are actually testing OP-Agent 12 with HP Operations Manager 09. 20. 320.

After setup the agent on the Management Server both ECS procs aborting...

opcecm      OMU Event Correlation Manager       SERVER,OPC            Aborted
opcecmas    OMU ECS Annotation Manager          SERVER,OPC            Aborted

any idea ?