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Everything you want to know about OMi Management Pack for TIBCO

Everything you want to know about OMi Management Pack for TIBCO


TIBCO Software Inc. is the leading provider of business integration solutions delivering infrastructure software that enables businesses to seamlessly integrate business systems in real-time. Typical TIBCO infrastructure environment will have different versions of TIBCO product suite like Enterprise Messaging Server, ActiveMatrix Business Works, Rendezvous, Hawk and Administrator Runtime installed across various platforms. When you build multi-level heterogeneous systems to provide business solution integration services, the systems need to run and perform their operations smoothly. You cannot afford for system outages that can result in delays, financial losses and most importantly don’t want to lose our customers. HPE automates monitoring and management via “OMi Management Pack for TIBCO” and can help you identify problems and intelligently respond or even prevent them.

OMi MP for TIBCO monitors critical components of the TIBCO product suite like Enterprise Messaging Server, ActiveMatrix Business Works, Rendezvous, Hawk and Administrator Runtime, collect operational events and provides a clear understanding of problem severity. OMi MP for TIBCO uses the TIBCO Hawk Java Application Programming Interface (API) for data collection.

In this blog, we will go through the monitoring features offered by OMi MP for TIBCO.

Visualize: With OMi MP for TIBCO, the entire TIBCO product suite along with the system infrastructure of your enterprise can be viewed in a single topology view. It automatically discovers any additional systems or applications when added to your TIBCO environment.


TIBCO EMS Monitoring: Topology displays TIBCO Enterprise Message Service instances along with their health status in real-time. Are there issues with application/database performance? You might never know what might be the reason for this. OMi MP for TIBCO helps by monitoring the producers and consumers for early warning of such application-related issues, also monitors the Queue health to determine if consumers and producers have exceeded thresholds. It collects and stores the Inbound/Outbound message counts and rates to monitor the message latency that can help us to identify throughput conditions in the integrated application setup environment.

TIBCO RV Monitoring: Monitors traffic statistics of all RV Daemons in real-time, and helps by sending event data from thousands of data points collected, and provides early warning of impending disruption to support operational decision making.

TIBCO BW Monitoring: BW is used to develop new services, automate business processes, and integrate heterogeneous applications. The availability and performance of these deployed applications is very critical in any TIBCO environment. OMi MP for TIBCO helps you to summarize status for all jobs and job pools with graphs for the number of jobs created, running, created per hour, and completed. It also helps in monitoring the total, maximum, and minimum elapsed time of the running application jobs.

TIBCO Logfile Monitoring: Monitor the configured log files of EMS, RV and Hawk components for any errors and send alerts reflecting the status of TIBCO component.

TIBCO Hawk Alert Forwarding: Hawk rules are user defined rules for monitoring Hawk Micro Agents and check for specific conditions and also take action based upon those conditions. The monitoring rules developed to monitor specific aspects raise events for the component related to status, performance and resource usage and forwarded to OMi. Operators are notified about the violated alarms and can directly point to the right CI in the TIBCO topology view.

Performance Dashboard: You can visualize and get a holistic picture of TIBCO Components behavior from performance perspective using the pre-designed dashboards which will help better understand trends and help pinpoint issues. Dashboard views are now available in HTML 5 based UI.


User Defined Metrics: OMi MP for TIBCO provides easy way for defining and creating custom metrics to monitor any object in the TIBCO environment.

 OMi MP for TIBCO being based on Hawk can thus monitor the availability of Hawk Agents along with the system health that are part of TIBCO infrastructure. OMi MP for TIBCO comes with rich set of Health Indicators (HIs) and Event Type Indicators (ETIs) that will help you to report the health of TIBCO CIs and categorize the events based on TIBCO CIs. You can also monitor the physical or virtual servers that TIBCO components depend on, using our OMi System Infrastructure MP. This accelerates IT operations by automating correlation of events from these different objects, operators are presented with the root cause of issues and can prioritize action on business impactful incidents.

OMi MP for TIBCO monitoring provides a unified view of your entire TIBCO infrastructure to help ensure the health, performance and availability of your business systems. You will soon see how easy it is to configure and monitor large scale TIBCO environment, in my next blog.

Try OMi now! OMi 10.11 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or an evaluation license.

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