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Empowering users and the new face of cloud

Empowering users and the new face of cloud


Written by Ken Spear, Senior Marketing Manager (HP CloudSystem and OneView)


Why HP introduced the new face of cloud

The user interface is critical to empowering users to be more productive with a computing platform. This innovation revolutionizes how people interact with the technology. This phenomenon was demonstrated in 1984 with the introduction of the graphical user interface (UI) on the Macintosh. It dramatically impacted the personal computer industry by making it much easier for people to use PCs. The new UI on the Mac truly empowered users. It made users far more productive and made the PC more accessible to whole new range of users.


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Apple demonstrated this revolutionary transition once again in 2007, when they introduced the iPhone. At that time the Blackberry was the premier smartphone. The iPhone provide a much more intuitive way of helping users interact with their phones by offering a very easy to use touchscreen and simple buttons. As a result, the use of smartphones soared.


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At HP we have a great deal of expertise in IT and consumer products. We decided to use this expertise to innovate the new face of cloud, so we could make CloudSystem a product that would make all the users of the cloud far more productive. This would allow the users to truly revolutionize IT.


Cloud Empowered

HP has over 40 years of enterprise systems expertise. We have spent the past several years learning from our customers, as we developed and implemented HP CloudSystem in over 1,100 organizations throughout the world. Our product managers and engineers used what we learned to design the new face of cloud from the ground up to be very easy to use, open, and extremely flexible. They have developed an innovative experience that truly empowers users and makes them very productive.


We started with HP Cloud OS, HP’s enterprise-grade implementation of OpenStack. HP Cloud OS is a technology platform that provides optimized workload portability for hybrid cloud delivery, enhanced service lifecycle management and simplified installation and upgrades. We leveraged the OpenStack architecture, exposed the APIs, and then hardened them for enterprise use. The outcome:  a computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.


Then we added HP OneView, our new platform for managing converged infrastructure, and a workflow engine to make standard administrative tasks much faster and easier. OneView provides an integrated workspace for the lifecycle management of HP Converged Infrastructure. HP applied the best experiences from the consumer world to the complex job of infrastructure management. By shifting the focus of infrastructure management from “devices” to ‘how people work’, OneView delivers unprecedented improvements in productivity. Users can deploy and manage infrastructure faster, at lower cost, and at greater scale.


As a result, CloudSystem offers an interface that makes it easy for administrators and cloud architects to create, provision, and manage private and hybrid cloud services. They can be far more productive because templates allow them to reuse services, workflows and designs very efficiently. CloudSystem allows for a much more integrated look and feel for administration tasks, and it allows CloudSystem to leverage resources that are managed both within and beyond cloud pools. 


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HP wanted to offer an end-to end experience, so we also added a new Service Marketplace to make it much easier for consumers to order cloud services. This is an important topic discussed in another blog. Click here to learn more.


Steve Jobs said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”  He proved this by introducing truly revolutionary products. HP is the leader in cloud, and now we’ve introduced the revolutionary new face of cloud. But don’t take our word for it. Industry analyst firm, Forrester Research Inc., recently declared that “HP leads the pack.” They added:


HP stands out from the crowd by providing a clean and navigable interface that wraps substantial breadth and depth of capabilities into the fewest number of interfaces. (Forrester Wave™: Private Cloud Solutions Q4 2013)


If you’d like to read the report you can download it here.


Check it out. You can see the new the new face of cloud on HP CloudSystem Enterprise this week during HP Discover in Barcelona. Come join us at the breakout sessions and demo stations.


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