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Easily see how much HPE’s Data Center Automation can save your business!

Easily see how much HPE’s Data Center Automation can save your business!


Guest post by Megan Glick, ITOM Solutions Marketing

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s data center automation (DCA) solution is a unified infrastructure management solution. It enables automating and orchestrating tasks and processes across compute, database, and middleware teams to assure continuous and integrated compliance.

DCA offers open API and multi-vendor compatibility, allowing you to see ROI in just days. Using global spending patterns and KPIs, coupled with real customer case studies, we’ve developed an ROI tool that can model the estimated savings you’d see from implementing our solution.

In this interactive white paper, just add your real customer data and gain visibility into just how much savings our solution would mean for your business.  See the value of HPE Data Center Automation to start estimating your personal value of HPE’s Data Center Automation Suite.

The Data Center Automation solution contains four main components to increase your ROI:

  • HPE Server Automation: HPE Server Automation Ultimate software provides complete automation lifecycle management for enterprise servers and automates the deployment of applications. It provides a proven, scalable and heterogeneous solution for establishing a baseline, provisioning, patching, configuration management, script execution and compliance management—all across physical and virtual servers including VM templates. HPE Server Automation Ultimate allows customers to standardize, consolidate and automate server operations in their hybrid data center—thereby increasing efficiency and reducing risks.
  • HPE Database and Middleware Automation: HPE Database and Middleware Automation (HPE DMA) software automates daily administrative tasks required to manage databases and middleware, and consolidates subject matter expertise and know-how into a single solution. With HPE DMA, you enable organizational standards to be enforced across the enterprise. Users can customize processes to meet requirements, and simplify implementation of a self-service catalog for IT end users. With these capabilities, administrators can improve efficiencies by 90 percent or more.
  • HPE Operations Orchestration: Operations Orchestration is a next-generation IT Process Automation solution that is designed from the ground up to increase automation adoption—in a traditional data center or in a hybrid cloud environment. Operations Orchestration provides the perfect choice for automating your IT tasks, operations and processes and is not just limited to run book automation. It also provides the most comprehensive integration capabilities and out-of-the-box content across multiple IT domains such as virtualization, Cloud, SAP orchestration and Security Ops.
  • IT Operations Compliance: Designed to ensure IT compliance at the business service level, HPE IT Operations Compliance unifies policy management across IT silos and provides visibility into the overall compliance of business services. HPE IT Operations Compliance provides a single, flexible policy management model for use across all resource types. This unifies the IT compliance management process across silos and provides a common definition of the desired state of automated audit and remediation.

The HPE Return on Investment approach

The Quantifying the value of investments in HPE Data Center Automation Solutions paper focuses on benefits provided by HPE Data Center Automation (DCA) solutions. The paper provides examples of the return on investment (ROI) an organization can realize when it effectively addresses the fundamentals of HPE Data Center Automation. These examples, coupled with an explanation of the HPE ROI approach, are intended to help business managers develop an ROI analysis for their unique business situation, quantifying the business benefits of HPE DCA in their environment.

HPE ROI model Approach.PNG


 Easily generate a report on your potential ROI by adding your own figures to the report. It is a dynamic report, and will give you a general idea of the value HPE Data Center Automation can offer to you.



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