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Easily manage your storage complexity and reduce storage operations management costs

Easily manage your storage complexity and reduce storage operations management costs



Guest post by Eleu (Nick) Lee,  HP Software

BSM Product Marketing


Managing Complexity

The world itself is rather complex.  Everywhere we turn, we are inundated with information. The exchange of ideas, and their availability across a wide variety of business applications, social media, and entertainment can be overwhelming. Growth in application data, business documents and multimedia impacts management of all storage devices—SAN, NAS, DAS, tape, virtual machines…. the list goes on and on.


Documents make up a large portion of the data that is stored; with an ever-increasing proportion committed to fixed storage for compliance reasons. We also understand that email swells as the volume of messages rises, and regulations require that more messages are archived. The amount of data today is enormous. (There is a reason they call it big data). Nonetheless, cloud and virtualization offer performance and management efficiencies, and they are changing the face of disaster recovery and application delivery at the same time. 


With shrinking budgets and smaller staff, IT departments must decide how to invest their dollars. They need to decide:

  • How much to use for managing the well-being of existing investments
  • How to budget for innovation and services
  • How to budget for additional personnel, hardware and software expenditures

The puzzle is constantly in motion, and the only constant is the increased need for information available at an instant.


The Growth Factor


In this maelstrom of growth, innovation and change, there’s one area that seems to grow month after month—storage requirements for all that data.  For most IT shops, storage is growing at 20-40 percent year over year (YoY).   Depending on your business, it could be as much as 60 percent growth for the year.  Some customers have reported a triple-digit growth YoY for several years.  The dilemma for IT administrators is not only that they will require more storage, but that they simply are unable to effectively manage capacity, policy and utilization efficiency with a single interface. 

Sure, all of the large vendors provide some sort of storage management tool… EMC, NetApp, Brocade, Hitachi, etc. 


These tools fall into the category of Storage Resource Management (SRM) which Gartner defines as: 

“Storage resource management (SRM) software provides near-real-time and historical information for the storage infrastructure regarding availability, capacity and performance, device management, problem determination, configuration planning and change management.”


Vendor device management tools are generally solid and are built on the foundation of managing the specific vendor hardware for which they were designed.   However, as a rule, vendor tools are vendor specific.  Storage vendors want you to buy more to keep them in business!


Why HP…..

Let me introduce you to HP Storage Essentials (HSPE). In the current marketplace of storage resource management solutions, no other tool exists to that can deliver end-to-end application to storage path awareness like HPSE. This solution has the functionality to bring value in the areas of improved service and application delivery, as well as improved service performance, availability and operation cost reductions. 


To address the business use cases of complexity, growth and availability of innovative storage technologies, customers are looking for SRM “solutions” to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with multiple point or array specific tools. More and more customers are requiring solutions that will deliver consistent indicators of performance, accurate availability across vendors and platforms, and detailed visualization off all storage assets. These assets include both physical and virtual assets in their respective environments.


HPSE is a single solution with flexible deployment options designed to deliver heterogeneous discovery, analysis and unlimited reporting across a multi-vendor storage area network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Cloud and Virtual Machines.  HPSE does not stop at traditional storage resource management and includes a number of powerful HP Software integrations that enhance and increase its value. It works in connection with HP’s Business Service Management (BSM) software and solutions to provide intelligence and actionable insights to manage the performance of enterprise applications, systems, networks and storage.


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