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Does your company or department exercise and take its vitamins every day?

Does your company or department exercise and take its vitamins every day?


Written by Mike Zuber, VP GTM Sales 


What if a single dose of a special medicine could add ten years to your life with no detrimental side effects and completely replace the need to exercise or take vitamins—would you take it? Of course you would. We all would, if it was affordable enough. Unfortunately, no such magic elixir exists. But something like it does exist for your business.


Most large companies already know about software to automate patching and compliance scans. However, smaller shops often think this type of technology is beyond their reach and thus are forced to rely on personnel to manually accomplish the same task—a stressful, unpredictable process with potentially damaging outcomes.


But I have great news! A solution does exist for businesses of all sizes that essentially replaces exercise and vitamins. It’s called HP Server Automation Standard (a.k.a. Server Automation Virtual Appliance, or SAVA). And the best news is that you can get access to a 30-day free trial of this industry-leading technology, and be up and in less than four hours.


Download your 30-day FREE trial of HP Server Automation Standard here



business-workout.jpgSo how is SAVA like replacing exercise and vitamins? :


Pump it up

By exercise I mean the ability to automate patching, deployments and other good-for-you activities that IT staff do whenever they can—but don’t always get around to as often as they should. With this 30-day trial, you will experience the benefits, including the stress reduction and happier disposition that typically comes with regular exercise, but without having to complete the mundane reps over and over.


Don’t forget your vitamins

The key to vitamins is taking them every day in the hope that over time, they will have the effect of preventing illnesses and prolonging life. With SAVA, you don’t have to rely on hope—just facts. By using SAVA to perform compliance scans and track discrepancies, and then automate updates to any out-of-date patches, settings or other variables, you get all the healthy goodness that large companies could afford for years.



At HP, we pride ourselves in developing industry-leading technology, and then doing whatever we can to make it available to the broadest possible audience. It is this drive that has lead us to take some of the solutions already used by the Fortune 100 companies and create an offering that can be used by every organization. Everyone knows they should exercise and probably take vitamins. Why shouldn’t your company, too? Why not try the 30-day free trial and discover just how good it can make your organization feel.


Get fit today

Sign up for your 30-day trial of Server Automation Standard Edition here or, visit the website for more details. Find out more on how HP Server Automation is instrumental in your journey towards building out the orchestrated datacenter.



HP Discover 2014.jpgLearn more

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