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Do you know who your top HP Omi experts are? This is your chance to find out!

Do you know who your top HP Omi experts are? This is your chance to find out!


Guest post by Carsten Schlipf

Software Architect, Gamification, HP Software


In Summer 2013, we released User Engagement for HP (Operations Manager i) OMi 9.22, the first-ever IT operations management product that offers a Gamification experience. After installing this add-on, CTOs can choose from a large variety of out-of-the-box achievements designed to:

  • Engage their workforce
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Maximize the return on investment

In case you missed the blog post on the first release, which explained the details behind Gamification and the features of that release, check it out here.

This blog post introduces you to the new Experts Board feature and the improvements included with the latest version of HP OMi User Engagement, available with the HP BSM 9.23 Service Pack.

You can download HP Business Service Manager here to experience it for yourself.  Or, you can expand your operations management by downloading HP Operations Manager i here.

Find your operations experts with the Experts Board

Do you know who to ask to help you set up an Event Correlation Rule in OMi? What if that expert is on vacation? Does anyone else have a lot of experience with Event Correlation rules?

Would you like to know how you are doing compared to your colleagues? Do you know which of your co-workers have knowledge of an area you would like to know more about? Maybe they can help you become even better?

Using the HP OMi User Engagement Experts Board, you can find the experts for specific features at a single glance.



After you’ve upgraded your installation to HP BSM 9.23, you will find the new Experts tab on the User Engagement Dashboard. Here you can see the top five experts within every category in a single overview. This page is focused on you – and if you are not part of the top five officially, you will still see your position and the top 3 leaders. Of course, this page is also available as a dedicated BSM mash-up component.

For more details, click “More” to view the full list of experts and the points they have earned.



Enhanced privacy features

Unlike many other Gamification solutions on the market, HP OMi User Engagement was designed from the outset to respect user privacy and to meet compliance with regulations. This applies to regulations such as local employment laws, work councils or company privacy rules.

Even the first version of HP OMi User Engagement included sophisticated controls—not only for the individual users, but also to set default values to specify whether users must opt-in or actively opt-out from participating in Gamification features.

For the Experts board the story is a bit different. Unlike achievements that are only visible to the individual, participants of the new Experts board are visible across the organization. As a result new levels of privacy settings have been introduced:

  • Participants can remain anonymous. This has been emphasized by changing the ‘Name’ field of the users to ‘Avatar Name’ and the picture to ‘Avatar Picture’, to encourage users to set fantasy display names and pictures, instead of their real names and photos. Both details will always be separated from the users’ real names and their pictures that can be read, for example, from an LDAP directory.
  • Participants can choose to hide their email from the detailed list.
  • If participants do not want to appear in the Experts board, they can choose to be removed from the Experts board, but still continue to participate in the achievements.
  • The administrator can disable the Experts board entirely, if not approved by the workers council or restricted by other regulations.
  • The administrator can disable the participation in the Experts board by default, thus requiring an active opt-in by any new OMi user to participate.
  • The administrator can also delete the data of the Experts board independently from the achievement progressions.


Tuning the Experts Board

Gamification is about motivating and steering your workforce in a pleasant and engaging way. The Experts board is the central focus for this. Administrators can adjust the points users are awarded for every completed activity using the Experts Scoring user interface. This ability makes sure that the relative weighting reflects the real difficulty of the activity in their environments. Check it out in HP BSM 9.23 under:

Administration > Operations Management > Operations Console > Experts Scoring

By default, users receive points for every completed activity, based on the thresholds of the related achievements. Generally speaking, the points awarded for completing an activity are inversely proportional to the threshold value of the related achievements (high threshold values are set for comparatively easy achievements). The points awarded for an easy activity are balanced by a high threshold value and vice versa, effectively balancing the points awarded for completing different achievements. This dependency relieves you of having to tune the values according to your environment twice: once for achievements and a second time for the Experts board.

You can also adjust the balanced scoring from the Experts Scoring interface. For example, if creating new Event Filters is not an activity that is important to you and your team, you can move the slider for the Event Filter Creation activity to the left to decrease the score. As you move the slider, the user interface displays a changing average points value that simulates how many points would have been awarded in the past, if the score had been adjusted by the selected degree from the start. It’s important to note that changing the position of the slider does not change the actual points that have already been awarded to users. Only points awarded in the future are affected.

In the example above, points awarded for Event Filter Creation have been reduced by 25 percent, so users get a quarter less points for creating event filters. On the other hand, improving the instrumentation capabilities may be deemed more important, so  the slider for the Tool Creation activity is moved to the right to grant 50 percent more points.

Alternatively, you might want to use this tool to call for a time-bound challenge. For example, you might want your IT operations staff to reduce the backlog of unresolved events. To accomplish thiscall out for an event closure week and grant twice the points for the activity Close Event during this week.

Other User Engagement Enhancements

Besides the new Experts Board feature, HP OMi User Engagement 9.23 includes many more improvements. The most notable enhancements are:

  • In all views that show achievements, you can now quickly search and filter the lists. Simply enter any part of the achievement title in the Search field and the view will show only matching achievements while you type.

  • You now have greater control over the handling of achievement states. Where previously, you had to stop an achievement and start it again, you can now directly restart it. You can also disable the achievement and reset it to the factory defaults. The state options for the group have also been updated. For example, you can restart only those achievements that were previously paused and leave the rest unaffected.


  • And - last but not least - there are a couple of new achievements to explore.

Have more fun with HP OMi User Engagement 9.23!


Learn more about the Operations Bridge at our latest Google hangout here and the web event  What is an IT Operations Bridge and who benefits from it. Get access to more assets at and specifically the OMi Management Packs pages

You can download HP Business Service Manager here to experience it for yourself.  Or, if you are already using HP BSM and are looking to expand your operations management, you can download HP Operations Manager i here.

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