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Do I need OneView when I have OpenView?

Do I need OneView when I have OpenView?

Stefan Bergstein


Big Data, mobile computing, virtualization, and cloud computing are major trends redefining the way we do business. They are also contributing to today’s changing IT landscape and are rapidly reshaping the data center as we know it.

Data centers will see massive growth across the board, driven by exploding business demand. Analysts predict that the number of VMs and users will double by 2015. Are you ready?


What is HP OneView?

HP OneView is a fresh approach to infrastructure management. It offers increased scalability and introduces consumer-inspired workflows so that system administers can manage more systems in the same time as before.  

By shifting the focus from “how devices run” to “how people work,” HP OneView delivers the ease of use that lets you deploy and manage your infrastructure faster and at a lower cost.


After the recent launch of HP OneView there was some criticism because OneView was perceived simply as a successor of HP’s Insight Control and Systems Insight Manager.


I think Richard Fichera from Forrester summed it up best: “All in all, HP OneView is possibly the most significant systems management product announcement that I have seen in a long time, and I cannot come up with a good reason why users of HP’s newer servers should not be evaluating it”.


HP OneView initially supports management of HP BladeSystem (G7 and Gen8) c7000 Infrastructure and HP ProLiant Rack Servers (Gen8).


What about the role of OpenView?

After many conversations with HP Software customers, I recognize that often users talk about OpenView when they mean either HP’s network management or operations management solutions. HP has not used the brand “OpenView” for quite some time, but customers still hold the term in high regards.


The similarity in the names OneView and OpenView naturally brings confusion and questions. Are these products different? Do they integrate?


Bryan Jacquot, Chief Technologist for HP Converged Infrastructure, explained to ServerWatch that “HP OpenView branded’ offerings are generally focused on heterogeneous environments covering a wide range of management capabilities. In contrast, the new HP OneView will offer many integration points into HP Software’s portfolio.”


If you are new to HP Software, please visit our HP Network Node Manager i site and HP Operations Manager site  to help clear up any confusion. Here you can find up-to-date information about key HP Software products, which have been part of the OpenView product family.


Breaking the relationship down

My point of view is even simpler: In context of fault and availability monitoring, vendor specific management products such as HP OneView, HP Insight Manager, Cisco UCS Manager and Dell OpenManage focus on the hardware fabric.


HP Operations Manager differs and adds value in several aspects:

  • Monitoring of the application infrastructure, operating systems and heterogeneous hypervisors.
  • Integrates multiple hardware vendor management tools.
  • Consolidates and correlates fault, performance and availability data across applications, the virtualized infrastructure and heterogeneous hardware platforms.

The end-to-end view of HP Operations Manager allows users easily to pinpoint root causes across the different layers in the IT landscape.


How can I integrate these tools?

You might think it is complicated to operate these tools together and get the value of the integrated solutions. Here is the good news. Many out-of-the-box integrations work well together with these tools. HP provides some and some are provided by  third parties. Here is a list of HP Operations Manager integrations for hardware management products:

HP Operations Manager and HP OneView

The integration of these two products is downloadable from the BSM Community Content space on HP Live Network. Open the download area and navigate to Integration > HP OneView. Feel free to use the discussion board to ask technical questions, post your comments or make suggestions for enhancements. We released this initial HP OneView integration in the BSM Community Content so that the development team can get your direct feedback. Now you can push HP OneView alerts into HP Operations Manager right away.


Learn more

If you are interested to finding out how the HP BSM solution can help you create a holistic end-to-end view of your IT infrastructure landscape, visit HP Operations Manager i software site or the HP System Management sites or browse the BSM Content Catalog on  HP Live Network.


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