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Discover the means to optimize and right-size the VMware vSphere environment using vPV

Discover the means to optimize and right-size the VMware vSphere environment using vPV



The essence of virtualization is to utilize the IT infrastructure more efficiently: namely compute, storage and network resources. With this level of responsiblity comes many challenges for the virtualization administrator or the vSME as we call them. Administrators want to know the many ways they can optimize their dynamic virtualized environment. They want to detect the areas where resources are getting wasted and reclaim them. Administrators want recommendations on the right virtual machine configuration size for a given workload and are always looking for ways to improve the overall efficiency. These recommendations should improve the VM performance and must not adversely impact the service levels or the performance of the applications running in the VM.


The optimization feature of HP Virtualization Performance Viewer provides a cohesive view of the virtualization infrastructure’s resource capacity, usage and allocation. It provides information on the remaining capacity, opportunity and recommendations to use the resources more effectively. The recommendations are based on the historical usage trends, demand of the resources and focus on reclaiming and adding resources.


Here’s a video that takes you through the optimization recommendations provided by vPV for the VMware vSphere environment:


Discover means to optimize and right-size the virtualized environment




To summarize, with vPV’s optimization and sizing recommendations, you can:

  • Analyze the capacity, usage and allocation trends for various resources in the virtualized environment
  • Identify over-utilized and under-utilized resources
  • Obtain right-sizing recommendations to resolve incorrect VM sizing problems and achieve better VM performance and host-VM consolidation ratio
  • Obtain recommendations to uphold the health of the hosts and datastores
  • Tune your virtualized infrastructure to maximize efficiency and resource utilization


You can download HP vPV here.


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