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Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings - Series #1: Overview

Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings - Series #1: Overview


Esteemed audience, stay close since a series of posts will follow to guide you into a demystifying journey of the DCA Operations Portal’s out-of-the-box offerings.

What will be covered?

This 1st Series will have an introductory part of Data Center Automation Suite (DCA) – Express and Premium editions* - and a quick overview of the out-of-the-box offerings.

*these series are based on DCA 2016.01. Express Premium

The 2nd Series will contain a How to … section to prepare your system / playground for the next blog episodes: Demystifying an ootb offering – “Install Server Automation (SA) Agent” and “Starting the design for a brand new Use Case …” which will materialize in a Published offering into the Operations Portal catalog. Stay tuned!

Intended audience

System administrators/operation engineers/IT administrators with knowledge of the products involved or ready to self-explore each of them in order to accomplish the desired task.

DCA Suite

HPE Data Center Automation software an industry-leading solution providingFig.1 Products diagramFig.1 Products diagram full server lifecycle management and IT Process automation. It’s offered as a virtual appliance. It’s built for small to midsize data centers to support the entire IT environment including physical, virtual and cloud-based servers. The DCA suite consists of the following products: Server Automation (SA)-docs, Network Automation (NA)-docs, Database and Middleware Automation (DMA)-docs, IT Operations Compliance (ITOC)-docs, Operations Orchestration (OO)-docs and the IT Operator Portal which leverages Cloud Service Automation (CSA)-docs .



SA - Used for OS Provisioning and ongoing lifecycle management of servers (software, patches, scripts, compliance)

NA – Used to automate the complete operational lifecycle of network devices from provisioning to policy-based change management, compliance, and security administration

DMA – Used to deploy and install database and other middle-ware applications and fully configure all components for standalone and clustered setups.

ITOC - Used for deployed software version compliance scans and remediation for regulatory (and other) compliance needs

OO - Used for orchestration between the embedded products. The out-of-the-box admin use cases are also built on OO workflows, which can be invoked via the Operations Portal.

 IT Operator Portal

This is the management console for the whole DCA suite and the gateway to the Operations Portal and ITOC component.

Fig.2 Administration Console/IT Operator PortalFig.2 Administration Console/IT Operator Portal

Via the Administration Console you can perform administrative tasks like managing an Organization and its users, integrate with various “Sources” like SA, ITOC, VMware and the most important part, you can design your Use Cases and make them available for the end users.


  Quick link to the Operations Portal *

*please edit the URL before proceeding 


Fig.3 Operations PortalFig.3 Operations Portal

Operations Portal

  • Leverages CSA’s Market Place Portal (MPP).
  • Targeted to the IT Operations team.
  • Exposes (currently limited) set of common admin tasks (out-of-the-box Offerings):
    1. Bring Server under Management (Install SA Fig.4 Out of the Box OfferingsFig.4 Out of the Box OfferingsAgent) 
    2. Manage Server (scripts, packages and software/patch policies)
    3. Provision Server (single physical, single or multiple VMs)
    4. Remediate Server (Server Policy Remediation)





With the hope that this was a constructive session, looking forward for you to return for the next ones!


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