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David Gilmour and the music of IT Operations

David Gilmour and the music of IT Operations


Music lovers worldwide hum to the melodic tunes of David Gilmour, long time musician with Pink Floyd. As I was watching a recorded concert of David and friends, in an interview Robert Wyatt explained why in his view David is such a great musician. "David's such a terrific guitar player because he's got a sense of the whole piece of music.”


Gilmour is one of my favourites and I listen continuously to his music. Although I am no musician,I think Wyatt is right in this observation, and his observation has helped me better understand why I find Gilmour’s music so pleasing.

Image courtesy of David


In fact Wyatt’s point of view struck a chord (pun accidental) with my thoughts on issues facing IT Operations. As Wyatt says, it’s Gilmour’s holistic understanding of the whole piece of music that makes each song a success and delight. I saw an analogy with the task at hand in IT Operations Surely by having the means to understand the end-to-end picture of the state of IT services and resources, IT operations is allowed perform better, just like Gilmour.

I mean, how does exploiting resource or domain managers that each cover a piece part of the overall picture of IT status define the path to the sweetest music of IT?
(Hopefully you get the analogy.)


At HP Discover in Barcelona, we’ll sing a new song, announcing the new features of Operations Bridge. I will cover some of these features in my next blog. “Barcelona-1 HP-3”.

Today I want to explain how, as Wyatt observes, the capacity to view the whole picture, end-to-end, top-to-bottom, applies to IT operations. We find that it’s a key reason that people have adopted Operations Bridge, because it provides a single pane of glass to gain visibility of the “state” of IT.



And now, this end-to-end view just got better with the announcement at HPDiscover of Operations Manager i (OMi) version 10, a core product in the Operations Bridge solution. We have improved the means to “sense” that state, by adding 100+ integrations to all sorts of technologies invoked by new apps that roll every day. For more information check out the blog that my teammate Saumya Upadhyaya wrote “Our connected world seen through the Spanish looking glass” for more details.


We’ve also made it easier for operations teams to “sense” and “analyze” what’s happening. We have provided the means to show the evolution of IT services and IT resources over time with summaries of the amount of time service has been impacted.

This figure shows an example of how this is displayed using a “KPI over Time” dashboard.
With this capability, operators can analyze how service delivery has evolved over selected time frames. Watch lists and health indicators that group KPIs from various inter-dependent IT resources, are displayed simultaneously grouping status and changes that are likely to correlate with what is shown.


OMI version 10 has several other important new features.

  • Single server installation and embedded postgreSQL database.
  • 3x increased scalability of the managed environment by the Operations Bridge, ensuring 10’s of millions of objects can be managed in your environment
  • 3x faster time to value, especially with the single server installation, but also through re-engineered navigation meaning 3x less clicks between event and the fix.

It actually seems timely to me that we introduce the even more powerful capabilities to do things like for example reduce event volumes, since Gilmour and Nick Mason recently released a new Pink Floyd compilation as a tribute to deceased member Richard Wright.

That compilation is called “Endless River”, which seems fitting with this topic of the bridging over endless rivers of IT events that IT has to handle to keep business alive to meet ever growing challenges of the digital business

If you’d like to learn more about OpsBridge new features, OMI version 10, SHR 9.40, and the OM2OMi evolution program, at HP Discover I invited you to come to:



If you cannot make it to HP Discover, then register for our OpsBridge announcement webinar “3 Things IT Operations Always Wanted for Christmas” on Dec 17th.


You can also learn more about Operations Bridge with our e-book, white papers, and customer testimonials at


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