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#DataCenterAutomation at HPE Discover London

#DataCenterAutomation at HPE Discover London



Would you like to end the year with a dash?

As the year draws to an end, London brims with festivities, lights and jolly anticipation. We are joining the fun on 29 November with some #DataCenterAutomation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover London, HPE’s biggest event of the year. Come along, because it’s going to be brilliant.

Courtesy of Flickr user fsse8infoCourtesy of Flickr user fsse8infoWhat’s been your challenge all year long? Perhaps it’s the problem of many that inflicts traditional data centers. Many point tools, many home-grown scripts, many silos, many hand-offs, many errors. Maybe it’s the intensifying demands for regulatory, industry and internal rules. Or the difficulty of optimizing infrastructure with increasing scale.

At the end of the day (or year!), when it comes down to it all, your wishes are quite simple: reduce IT operating costs and accelerate infrastructure service delivery.

Then, there are some sessions and demo-booths you just don’t want to miss!

 5 things you will take away:

  • Key challenges in automation and transformation to cloud, and how to overcome them
  • Why customers choose HPE solutions
  • Real customer stories and real customer benefits from automation
  • First-hand experience with the newest products and access to the latest trends
  • A vision for infrastructure management and where it’s going next

Discover London takes place between 29 November and 01 December. There’s still time to attend. Check out the agenda and register here!

End the year with a dash, but make the New Year even dasher.

Cheers to a standardized, automated, orchestrated, optimized, compliant infrastructure in the New Year!



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