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Darwinian evolution of OMi Management Pack

Darwinian evolution of OMi Management Pack


In today’s fast changing digital businesses, business expects more and more of IT with agility, automation and scalability. If you are working with technologies like the Internet of Things, cloud, open source and virtualization, you can utilize HP Operations Bridge  to meet today’s challenges. With the HP Operations Bridge, you gain a single-pane-of-glass visibility into the “state” of your IT through the integration of the data provided by domain operations management tools. If you are an existing user of HP tools like Operations Manager, PI, OVR etc., you can profit from the huge advantages of OpsBridge, just like our other customers have.


01 OM to Operations Bridge Evolution Journey.jpgWith Operations Manager i 10, HP has announced the OM-to-OpsBridge Evolution program with step-by-step evolution information that adds value after each step and presents an overview of how existing HP OM configurations can be transferred and used with HP OMi. You may also refer Operations Bridge Evolution Guide for more details.



How does OMi Management Pack evolve from HP Operations Smart Plug-in(s)? 

02 OM to Operations Bridge Evolution.jpgHP OMi Management Packs (OMi MP) provide add-on content on top of Operations Manager i (OMi) and HP Operations Smart Plug-in (SPI) provide add-on content on top of Operations Manager. HP OMi Management Packs are organic evolution of HP Operations Smart Plug-in(s) with additional value added.  For example, this value includes, monitoring automation, simplified configuration and extent of application coverage. Additionally OMi MP enables topology synchronization of HP Operations Smart Plug-in(s) service elements along with event mapping into OMi. The OMi Management Packs Evolution Guide helps you transition from HPOM SPIs to OMi MPs when moving responsibilities from an HPOM server to OMi. It explains the conceptual differences between SPIs and MPs, describes the MP licensing model, and provides an overview of the steps for replacing a SPI with the corresponding MP including how to retain customizations that you might have done in the SPI.


OMi Management Packs has several important new features!


  • Automated Monitoring: In this information and data explosion age, automation and agility is crucial for the management of ever growing number of business applications. HP OMi now includes Automation to simplify IT Monitoring. It automates the configuration of monitoring for infrastructure and composite applications. It detects new instances of components, from servers to composite applications, and maps them to predefined management templates and “aspects” that model to the desired configuration and resource type.
  • Simplified Configuration: The performance needs of IT Infrastructure vary based on business needs mainly in terms of uptime, load, scale, cost etc. The configurations, resource and monitoring requirements of various instances of same application could be different. OMi MP comes with out-of-the-box Management Template and Aspects which cover different types of environment. It is easy to tune monitoring based on application type or application instance.
  • 03 Topology.jpgComposite Application Monitoring: Consider a topology for an instance of Composite Application which consists of WebLogic server, Oracle Database and Infrastructure nodes connected to WebLogic Server and Oracle Database. To monitor WebLogic Application Servers, Oracle instances, and infrastructure elements traditionally you might be using point tools or a pointed solution. Now you can deploy Extensive Management Templates provided by the OMi MP and get away with numerous separate configurations and management overheads. 
  • 04 TBEC.jpgTopology Based Event Correlation: When something goes wrong in your environment, monitoring tools generally report multiple problems via events. Usually just one of the events describes the cause of the problem and others are just symptoms. Fix the cause and the symptoms also go away! In a nutshell, Topology Based Event Correlation  (TBEC) identifies the CAUSE and SYMPTOM events. The Management Pack comes with a large number of predefined TBEC rules and Indicators covering various domains.


  • 05 Cloud.JPGExtended Coverage:  HP is constantly adding more and more application management tools with OMi MP and BSM connectors. HP OMi Management Packs support over 100+ technologies which cater to both traditional and new style of IT.
  • Build
    your own OMi Management Pack: HP recently released a development kit for creating Management Packs for Operations Manager i which simplifies and automates the monitoring solution development. You can build your own management pack for your application using OMi Management Pack development kit. The Development Kit and its documentation can be downloaded from here. You may also view this YouTube video that provides an overview of the Development Kit. HP OMi Management Pack Development Guide provides an overview of the development process and detailed information about creating an OMi MP. See our earlier blogs to learn how to use this kit.

Meet the OMi Management Pack DevKit

Meet the OMi Management Pack DevKit, Part 2


07 MP license.jpg

  • Simplified Licensing: The OMi MP licenses are available in a pack of 25 license units. Each license can be used per OS instance, irrespective of the application type, which makes it easy to calculate and plan for the management pack licenses. For example, the license pack may be used for 5 licenses of OMi MP for Microsoft SQL Server, 10 licenses of OMi MP for Oracle Database with any other combination of supported applications. If you are an existing user of  SPIs you will gain entitlement to OMi MP license.

Try OMi now! OMi 10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or evaluation license. 


Learn more about HP Operations Manager i at the product page here.


The OM-to-Opsbridge evolution program including license exchange details is now live. Search on the tag OM2OpsBridge to find blogs discussing this program and evolution to OpsBridge.
Search on OMiContent for other blogs on management packs and connectors.

We are pleased to announce the HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade, version 1.1. The HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade enables you to establish a link between BMC Impact Manager and HP Operations Manager i 10 (OMi).  


The key features of this release are:    

  • Support of Operations Manager i 10 and BSM Connector 10    
  • Self-discovery  

The installation package and the integration guide are available at


We are also pleased to announce the availability of yet another extension to our fast growing catalogue of management tools, the lightweight OMi Management Pack for Docker has been released on HP-LN:


HP Discover Las Vegas 2015 is just around the corner, starting June 2nd. We have many announcements, sessions, demonstration booths for you to see and learn about our new exciting innovations.

Please register early to avoid disappointment, our HP OpsBridge related sessions are

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You can register for HP Discover here.


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