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Conversations with a Product Manager: Data Center Automation, all paths lead through automation

Conversations with a Product Manager: Data Center Automation, all paths lead through automation


Conversations with a Product Manager: HPE Data Center Automation, all paths lead through automation


Today, our interviewee is Camilo Cuervo, Senior Product Manager for HPE Data Center Automation suite (DCA) for eight years. Camilo says DCA is like a modern train. And it’s most likely to be a DJ at a party. And guess who DCA’s best friend is? Read on to find out more!

SS: What is HPE Data Center Automation suite (DCA), and who uses it?

CC:  DCA is a complete data center infrastructure automation platform that helps companies manage their data center operations efficiently. The solution is used by IT Operation teams across domains – system admins, server admins, network admins, and database admins.

SS: Complete this sentence. DCA is like a __________.

CC: DCA is like a modern train! It takes you where you want to go, in a fast and cost-effective way. And everyone can have a seat on the train. No matter what your automation journey is, DCA will take you to your destination! You can get on or off at your chosen station. With DCA, you can scale your automation travels with choice and flexibility.


 SS:  What’s one challenge in maintaining a traditional data center?   

CC: Compliance is one challenge. A traditional data center lacks compliance agility; audit processes are often rush projects and widely inconsistent. Compare that to an automated data center, where ongoing configuration remediation and compliance management is standardized, with continuous updates from industry standard policies. Imagine provisioning groups of servers that are immediately in compliance, or existing servers that are never out of compliance. DCA can enable this.

SS: How do customers manage the data center before automation? And after automation?

CC: Typically, IT teams use multi-point tools for different tasks that involve manual tasks and multiple hand-offs between domain experts. In some cases, there can be hundreds of home grown scripts that need to be maintained. With automation and specifically with DCA, customers get a solution that adapts and scales to their business needs where they can manage and control their environment efficiently and securely.

SS: As a product manager, what is the most common question asked about DCA?

CC: “How well can DCA integrate with my systems?” Customers want to know if DCA is the right solution for their customized data center environment, and if it will meet their long-term needs. The answer is yes! Our solution can be customized and can provide granular configuration management to any complex, custom use-case over the long-term.

SS: What is the biggest unknown about DCA?

CC: The extensibility and openness of the solution. DCA is truly multi-vendor and multi-platform, and easily integrates with point tools already in use. Is your data center using a Chef script for configuration management? Then no problem, DCA can centrally manage and deploy those scripts at scale across distributed locations. Is your data center using a change ticketing system? If yes, DCA can incorporate it into the automation workflow. If you are managing multi-vendor databases and middleware, that’s great, DCA will provide database lifecycle management through a single automation platform.

SS: Can you tell us something super exciting about the DCA product roadmap?

CC: We are bringing together HPE’s powerful infrastructure automation capabilities into a unified solution that will help companies drive better decisions about managing their infrastructure through analytics.

SS: On a personal note, what is the most fun aspect of your job managing DCA?

CC: It’s all about hearing how customers derive value from our DCA solution. With DCA, our customers have delivered consistent, accurate, timely services. They have unburdened IT staff from manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks. And they have delivered amazing ROI.

SS:  So let’s imagine DCA was a person at a party! Who would it be, what might it be doing or saying?

CC: It would be a really good DJ, playing the right music, setting the right mood and tone (or configuration!). The party would be humming away in harmony, with a contented sense of togetherness and effortlessness (automated, standardized, wonderfully compliant), at just the right desired state!

SS:  Does DCA have a best friend?

CC: Of course, Helion Cloud Suite (HCS)! Together, DCA and HCS make quite the party! The path to hybrid cloud management is through automation. DCA provides the automation and orchestration building blocks for transformation to hybrid cloud. Automation eliminates error-prone, manual tasks, while orchestration effectively links these tasks, which are standardized, tested and proven. With an effective body of building blocks, you are ready to travel to the cloud!

SS:  Where can we go to learn more about DCA?

CC: You can download a free 90 day DCA Express trial, a virtual appliance that can be deployed in a few hours. Or access our DCA interactive brochure to read about new ways to automate.

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