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Consumerization of Big Data by Cloud Automation

Consumerization of Big Data by Cloud Automation


Big Data. We all know the term, but do we truly understand what it means?  I think a good textbook definition is, “A new generation of technologies and architectures designed to extract the meaningful use of information from large volumes of data (structured/unstructured) in this age of Real Time Enterprise.  One that is heavily dependent on application and infrastructure resource interoperability across heterogeneous environments; to support high-velocity capture, discover and/or analysis by enterprise-grade Big Data applications. Economically extracting information outcomes consumed by both IT and Line of Business users in their functional roles today.”


Today, the main challenge faced by Big Data is that data centers have become so complex and large, that it is difficult for traditional methods to manage the information requirements. This is also where  the successful consumerization of Big Data for mainstream adoption by IT and Line of Businesses users becomes hamstrung. This is also where HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) is here to help your Real Time Enterprise with Big Data adoption.



Cloud Automation unlocks consumerization of Big Data



Consumerization of Big Data is driven by the growing trend of users who are accustomed to using a myriad of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) embedded platforms to support major consumer device application platforms and developer ecosystems (e.g...: iPhone® App Store). Users who are familiar with requesting and consuming content-applications online in a “Pay-As-You-Go” model. This presents unique user expectations as Big Data applications and infrastructure evolve for cloud use today. 



Users who access Big Data applications as a cloud service, (e.g... “Data-as-a-Service”) will expect open, extensible access to a host of turnkey, XaaS (PaaS/SaaS/IaaS) and cloud-appliance-based applications. Staging of cloud services are orchestrated by a highly automated service lifecycle, where they are then consumed from a single intuitive self-service portal. HP Cloud Service Automation provides this capability today. For a service lifecycle integrated to provide a highly dependable, comprehensive and unified cloud management solution.


By doing this, we facilitate the brokerage of cloud services to a suite of Big Data applications across multiple cloud environments. This provides effective cloud-based data management and application hosting across multiple cloud environments—all with a flexible “Pay-As-You-Go” model to drive down the cost of IT. As we begin 2013, HP Cloud Service Automation remains a key enabler to the consumerization of Big Data and its successful adoption for the Real Time Enterprise.


Consumerization of Big Data by IT and LoB users is now facilitated by CSA’s self-service subscriber portal of Big Data infrastructure-applications. Users who have been weaned on BYOD and the online consumption of services, will be able to appreciate and understand this portal. This makes the consumerization of Big Data possible.



An Illustrative Example


Today’s CMO needs to be a master of data and marketing automation decisions. This not only applies to the office of the CMO, but also to the Marketing Line of Business. The CMO needs to deliver on a strategy and plan for market-driven data contributions to corporate objectives—all  while providing greater insight into the revenue impact of marketing and sales efforts. CMOs have to juggle these responsibilities all while keeping true to the marketing discretionary budget set aside for the adoption of Big Data within the marketing line of business.


Learn how the CMO can leverage HP Cloud Service Automation, the industry’s most complete hybrid cloud solution for infrastructure-application provisioning, to be an enterprise-grade broker of cloud services when it comes to the consumerization of Big Data for Line of Business users. Go to our product page here.

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