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Cloud Next: The next generation of cloud management software from HPE

Cloud Next: The next generation of cloud management software from HPE


Hewlett Packard Enterprise continues to refine and strengthen the capabilities of their cloud management platform.

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 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) has been designed for organizations that want to master any cloud, any environment and any new technology while accelerating time to market for their application innovations. 

HCM was created to allow IT to:

  • Provide faster, more efficient service delivery
  • Maintain more effective control over operations processes
  • Accelerate application release frequency

HCM helps IT teams reduce risk from the use of external services and maximize IT’s ability to meet business goals. 

The driving force behind the move to cloud is speed.  
The right cloud platform improves your ability to respond to just about anything.

IT teams worldwide have realized that effective cloud management must allow their teams to work across cloud stacks and technology boundaries, all while avoiding vendor lock-in. The right cloud platform will also provide the ability to extend your existing automation scope by linking narrowly-focused tools to create effective process-level automation flows. This next generation of cloud operations needs to turn your application release process into a well-oiled machine. Lastly, a superior solution will address the need to take the manual effort out of cloud compliance and build a single cloud service portal that can flexibly satisfy the needs of your users.

What is the next generation for cloud management?

HPE Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) delivers DevOps-ready hybrid and multi-cloud management, application release automation, as well as end-to-end orchestration along with compliance automation. HCM allows you to quickly design, provision, and orchestrate cloud services utilizing cloud analytics, capacity planning and show back capabilities.  HCM enables your team to provide anything as a service through PaaS, DBaaS and XaaS capabilities. Finally, HCM incorporates service-level compliance automation to dramatically reduce the compliance effort required for your cloud initiatives.

Why is this important for your team?
The convergence of clouds and containers.

“More than 85% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to multi-cloud architectures by 2018, driving up the rate and pace of change in IT organizations; a key element enabling multi-cloud environments will be the rise of containers (by 2019, at least one-third of all public cloud IaaS capacity will be deployed as containers).”   

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2017 Predictions      Nov 2016  Doc # US41883016

HPE Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) provides native container support for Docker, Marathon / Mesos and Kubernetes containers and allows application scaling across vendors and cloud environments. When combined with cloud-agnostic service designs and the ability to direct and execute other cloud orchestrators, HCM allows you to master any cloud. 

In addition, HCM is DevOps-ready by providing your team with the ability to deploy any platform, database, middleware or application to any environment and to any target cloud. Automated release stage gates help accelerate your application delivery while maintaining effective control. 

Cloud freedom leads to business freedom

HPE Hybrid Cloud Management unifies hybrid cloud management, allowing you to dramatically improve IT speed and responsiveness. Providing faster, more efficient IT service delivery means you are able to meet or exceed business requirements.  And, when IT is effectively meeting the needs of your business and development teams, there is less call for outside services, reducing the risk to the business. 

HCM accelerates application delivery to better enable your DevOps initiatives, shortening the time to market for critical application innovations.  HCM also offers an attribute-based cloud service portal, which enables services with variations, because ‘One Size’ does not fit all, when it comes to cloud user requirements.  Finally, HCM provides service-level compliance automation that links cloud services to policies which you set and forget.

With HPE Hybrid Cloud Management you can enjoy master-level control over any cloud, enabling you to achieve cloud freedom and avoid vendor lock-in.  You can accelerate Ops to the speed of Dev with application release acceleration and provide your users and customers with a smart cloud, balancing flexibility with control.

Master any cloud with HPE Hybrid Cloud Management software

HCS gives you the ability to manage any cloud, any environment and any technology while employing a powerful software factory and development pipeline, lowering costs and improving time to market for applications and services that will differentiate your organization.  

Get more information on HPE Software cloud management solutions at to discover how to utilize these capabilities for yourself.

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