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Cloud Management and Cloud OS – Like cookies and cream

Cloud Management and Cloud OS – Like cookies and cream


Have you heard the news? Powered by OpenStack®, HP Cloud OS was developed as an open, extensible cloud technology platform to complement HP’s converged cloud portfolio of products such as HP Cloud Service Automation. This ensures that HP customers continue to get the best of both worlds. Most importantly, customers can count on one company, one interface, and one platform to meet their cloud management needs. Now customers can securely create, flexibly deploy and efficiently operate applications and infrastructure services across the hybrid cloud from one platform.


As we continue to evolve in the hybrid cloud space, we also understand that our customers have a mix of  traditional IT and cloud (private, public, managed) environments.  But, these differing levels are only issues. Customers have a real fear of vendor lock-in. This is why we developed HP Cloud OS in support of an open, extensible cloud management. Now you may be asking, “What can I expect to receive when using HP Cloud OS?” Let’s take a closer look.   



HP Cloud OS goes the extra mile for HP Cloud Management

HP Cloud OS is a single, common, standard-based architecture with a natural extension model that can support multiple delivery models and offerings. It provides enterprise-grade simplified delivery, enhanced service lifecycle and optimized cloud workloads over the OpenStack® cloud run-time environment.  Offered through HP’s converged cloud portfolio of solutions, this portfolio includes HP Cloud Service Automation – HP’s leading cloud management solution that works with HP Cloud OS technology today. Today, customers can expect:


HP Cloud OS to simplify cloud service delivery for HP Cloud Management

  • Simplified installation and configuration, where customers can now accelerate cloud deployments, reduce installation and OpenStack® configuration down to a four-click automated installation process from 250+ configuration parameters, 11+ packages.
  • Automated live content distribution of commonly use VM images and templates. Automated application of patches and upgrades to Cloud OS including OpenStack®, without downtime. 

 HP Cloud OS to enhance service lifecycle for HP Cloud Management

  • Cloud OS supports hybrid models, with up to three levels of hybrid delivery supported across multiple clouds. It uses elemental calls direct to OpenStack® to setup typologies.
  • Centralized management of all cloud environments. With the use of extensible, self administered monitoring and management dashboards.

 HP Cloud OS to optimize cloud workloads for HP Cloud Management

  • Workload portability services, that are responsible for defining specifications for machine sizing for workloads, workload profiles, resource management and future time scheduling.
  • Model once and deploy multiple times anywhere. Using multi-hypervisors and operating systems for the private and public cloud.


It’s a great time to be HP!

We believe that OpenStack® is the most mature and open choice for delivering on customer-driven cloud use cases. OpenStack® provides an ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform which is extremely valuable and quite frankly sorely needed today to ensure customers and their business units quickly and inexpensively get started on their cloud journey. They get the most out of the full stack for HP Cloud Management including the applications, databases and infrastructure components regardless if they are in the Cloud or a Legacy on Premise application-infrastructure. With HP Cloud OS filling the void today between OpenStack®  and solutions that are commercially available. Giving customers the flexibility to adopt, and use the right solution for the right problem.


Where HP Cloud OS ends, HP converged cloud products like HP Cloud Service Automation takes over in automating, patching and providing compliance for the solutions, applications and databases that run over the underlying infrastructure. By being hardware and platform agnostic, customers can continue to run mixed environments and achieve the same levels of value regardless of underlying infrastructure, cloud, on-premise, off premise ... etc. With HP Cloud OS, we have given our customers a toolbelt full of HP Cloud Management tools, with blue prints and a help line to guarantee their success both now and into the future.


Learn more about HP Cloud OS :

Powered by OpenStack®, HP Cloud OS is aimed at providing the underlying infrastructure components for Compute-Networking-Storage which is the base level for any cloud—be it public, private or hybrid. HP is investing in the future to ensure customers are not left with uncomfortable choices around vendor lock-in, making bad buy decisions or writing off sunk cost investments from other vendors. This is a directly opposite path from our competitors, who have chosen a mentality with a vendor lock-in focus. HP looks forward to the rapid adoption of OpenStack® and believe it will increase the value it brings to the market because of its open architecture. To learn more :




 Athe same time start a  CIO Discussion on Hybrid Cloud Delivery, and how you can use HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite to help govern and manage your hybrid cloud.


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