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Check out what's new with HP Cloud Service Automation!

Check out what's new with HP Cloud Service Automation!


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HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) enables you to adapt to the new style of IT with enterprise class cloud services lifecycle management that gives you choice, consistency, and confidence. With an open, heterogeneous, extensible platform, HP Cloud Service Automation is architected to work with the HP Helion portfolio. This allows users to improve their cloud computing offerings by designing and orchestrating for full stack cloud services, to provide user choice and flexibility against vendor lock-in.


With cloud services application portability across a vendor neutral ecosystem, HP CSA also offers IT a control point with cloud services lifecycle management for the hybrid IT environment. This gives customers a single and complete IT operations management toolset, that can be used with confidence across traditional IT, the private and public cloud.

Besides reducing management complexity and day-day operational costs, HP CSA also provides secure, compliant cloud services with an informed, transparent IT service delivery to meet business SLAs consistently. When ready, HP CSA transforms IT service delivery and enables IT to be a cloud service broker.


What’s New in HP Cloud Service Automation 4.5

With the latest release of HP Cloud Service Automation we introduce a whole host of new capabilities that further enhance HP’s leading solution for Hybrid Cloud Management. Let’s take a quick look at some of these key new capabilities:


Improved service design experience

The service designer and option editor provide options to make service designing easy and flexible.

  • New Topology Designer


With the new service designer you can drag and drop components into a service topology. The new service designer enables the subscriber to define group capabilities and select logical groups.

  • New Option Editor


The new option editor provides the flexibility to manage the increasing number of components in the design due to expanding environments. The copy, paste, and property option sets facilitate rapid time-to-value.




Scaled service design in service topologies

In topology-based designs, components grouped together can be grouped as a repeatable unit. These groups help with standardizing and repeating components to create a scalable stack of components, which behave as a template. In each stack, the components have the same property and behaviors.


Service design versioning and access control

HP CSA 4.5 introduces the ability for service designers to create multiple versions of service designs. These new versions of service designs are created so that service providers can easily deliver improvements. A new version inherits the display name and icon from the original design and you can then provide a version number (or string), description, and a URL that are unique to a particular service design version. Once created, you can publish any or all versions of a design.



Improved time to value with new out of the box content

The HP CSA 4.5 installer now includes the Cloud Content Pack installer which installs the out-of-the-box service designs. These service designs provide rapid time-to-value, flexibility, and ease of operation. Improvements to backend queries to database and platforms help tune performance at the platform level which provides faster response times.


Seamless integration with HP OpenStack

HP Cloud Service Automation 4.5 provides simplified integration with OpenStack Identity Management to help users use HP CSA as a management platform for OpenStack. To facilitate integration with Automatic Identity Management or Keystone, out of the box content for OpenStack is now available in this release. The generic OpenStack content uses native OpenStack APIs to support all OpenStack distributions.


HP_Dreamworks_Library3_441.pngExtended resource provider support

With HP CSA 4.5 we have extended the support for resource providers such as HP OneView, Puppet, ICSP, Docker, Chef, and HP Operations Orchestration. HP OneView servers can be used to deploy firmware, BIOS, networking, storage connections, and storage volume systems on top of operating systems. You can deploy the specific operating system using the ICSP build plan. Additional components can be added using the HP OO, Chef, Puppet, or Docker providers.


Pricing and enhanced service consumption experience

Dynamically populated service options provide the ability to define a dynamic set of values—like price— for a list type property. You can set the price for a unit of an integer property. In the Marketplace portal, you can expand the price details or also hide all prices for a Service offering. These pricing enhancements provide ability to manage and drive costs of the entire IT ecosystem.


Enterprise grade cloud management platform

HP CSA 4.5 has horizontal scaling with active-active cluster for distributed workloads. The REST API has been modified for improved scaling to support expanding services designs and increasing environments, and to support high availability. The active-active cluster configuration enables CSA deployments with large numbers of concurrent deployments and managed instances. You can use HP CSA as the platform to manage operating system instances and transform traditional workloads to cloud workloads.


Improved multi-tenancy support

HP CSA 4.5 introduces improved multi-tenancy support, where the CSA Organization Administrator can view and manage the Global shared catalog. The CSA Organization Administrator can also create offerings based on the published service designs and the can also publish the offerings to the organization’s catalog.


Global search for service consumers

HP CSA 4.5 introduces integrated elastic search for catalog, subscriptions, and service instances. You can search for Service Offerings, Service Subscriptions, and Service Instances with the embedded search and these indexes are kept up-to-date by the background service.


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