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Check off these 6 areas if you are preparing for cloud-ready networking

Check off these 6 areas if you are preparing for cloud-ready networking


It’s no surprise that enterprises are aggressively moving to the cloud. The promises of agility and cost savings are accelerating adoption to the point that market research firm IDC estimates that by 2012, 85 percent of net-new enterprise applications will be designed for cloud access.


You know the potential benefits of moving your applications to the cloud; but is it the right move for ALL of your applications? When it comes to your networking applications, there are specific considerations to keep in mind.


To help you understand the unique needs of networking with cloud-based systems we have a new business whitepaper available “Opportunity is in the cloud. A checklist for cloud-ready networking”. Here is an overview into the paper to pique your interest and get you thinking about cloud and how to make the most of your networking applications and network management software



You can’t manage what you can’t monitor—learn how to get a better understanding of your current environment to understand:

  • Are you able to provide overview reports by specific business units, customers, departments, or sites?
  • Can you provide business visibility with high-level executive reports?



The relationship between applications and their underlying components, such as networks, is critical for understanding the impact of changes and prioritizing incidents. To uncover what you know there are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you maintain an up-to-date network topology?
  • Can you view the impact of the cloud on your existing network topology maps?


Multiple vendors

The average organization has three or more vendors. How many do you have right now? Remember, the complexity increases with each addition:

  • Can you manage physical and virtual network devices using one console?
  • Can you manage multiple vendors using one console?




  • The business services of today and tomorrow are typically made up of cloud (such as credit scoring) and non-cloud applications (such as financial applications). There are a few questions that remain with cloud-based networking tools: Can you guarantee network reachability, availability, and performance?
  • Are you able to proactively simulate and model effects on network reachability, availability, and performance due to network problems such as device outages?


You can download the full whitepaper here, (no registration required) to see more of the checklist. You can also download a free trial of HP Network Node Manager i to try it for yourself.


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