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Catching lightning in a bottle: 4 steps toward aligning cloud strategy to client needs

Catching lightning in a bottle: 4 steps toward aligning cloud strategy to client needs


By Michael Zuber

HP Cloud Leader, Americas


Every large public company like HP works with multi-year roadmaps, continuously analyzing acquisition targets to complement their own product development in an effort to position itself to meet the needs of its customers. But predicting the future is not easy! The technology landscape is littered with companies that made bad bets, played their hands too early or too late in the market, or just outright missed a key trend that changed its industry.

But when all the puzzle pieces fall into place, it can be a beautiful thing.

So with HP’s recent announcement of the CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite, it’s worthwhile to briefly look back at the complete package that HP offers, because I think it is truly impressive:


  1. HP’s industry-leading platforms raise the bar for ease of management, lowering total cost of ownership and creating new innovations
  2. HP has the most integrated software portfolio in the industry, including the best testing platform, automation platform, security solutions and more
  3. HP offers comprehensive services that add value to thousands of clients every week, with real-world customer contacts that help identify the next great integration, market trend or customer need
  4. HP is an innovation company always looking to push the envelope—whether it is via the creation of a HP Public Cloud or our significant contributions to OpenStack, we know we have to stay hungry to ensure we’re presenting customers with the solutions they need


CSE offers clients a platform with hardware and software that enables clients to adopt Platform –as-a-Service (PaaS) at a similar price as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our clients want and need solutions that manage and automate the entire stack, not just the Infrastructure components other vendors in the industry are offering. Combine this powerful solution with a fixed-scope/fixed-price initial service offering, that provides clients with control over next step, instead of being stuck with an infrastructure-only framework. 


In short, I really think with CSE, HP has caught lightning in a bottle and our clients will be the largest beneficiary. In my view, CSE is the new standard for RFIs or RFPs—IaaS is already outdated.


How you can find out more

You can learn more about CloudSystem Enterprise here. And, be sure to check out Lloyds Banking Group’s breakout session (BB2682) from streaming HP Discover online.  

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