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Case study: How Vodafone Ireland achieved 300% ROI with an integrated end-to-end BSM framework

Case study: How Vodafone Ireland achieved 300% ROI with an integrated end-to-end BSM framework


How does an IT organization stay nimble and responsive when they’re working with a patchwork of two dozen or more point solutions to monitor the technology estate?


That was just one of the questions that until recently faced Vodafone Ireland. The company is the country’s leading total communications operator with more than 2.44 million subscribers, and Vodafone Ireland relied on IT to deliver services critical to every aspect of its business.


But Vodafone IT’s “old school” reactive and technology-focused approach challenged its ability to be as highly effective as the business demanded. The company had a fragmented operating model. Their processes required too many hand-offs, with parties acting in a siloed manner. They came looking for a better way.


Integrating a new IT model


The company’s solution, as detailed in a new case study, was to more closely align IT resources and priorities to business needs so it could better support the business’s ability to improve customer retention, drive market growth, and manage overhead costs. What is a big part of changing how it managed its live business services? Implementing HP Business Service Management 9 software.


The results speak volumes: 300percent ROI on €409,000 (approx. $570,000 U.S.) in the first year through operational savings, and generating €602,000 ($850,000 U.S.) in annual savings.


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Download the complete Vodafone Ireland HP BSM case study



How Vodafone Ireland did it


In addition to restructuring efforts that changed how the IT operations group was organized and a new business service model that defined meaningful KPIs for measuring service delivery and quality, Vodafone Ireland developed an end-to-end service surveillance strategy.


The strategy is built on multiple layers of integrated HP BSM and other HP IT Performance Suite applications, including:


  • HP SiteScope collects data on the raw health of the infrastructure
  • HP Business Process Montior (BPM) and HP Real User Monitor (RUM) give visibility into the infrastructure from a user perspective
  • HP Operations Manager i (OMi) flows automate event correlation to speed root cause analysis and problem resolution
  • HP ArcSight improves governance and security management, allowing Vodafone to correlate data on security events and other infrastructure events
  • HP Service Health Analyzer (SHA) to help anticipate issues before they impact the business


With the integrated HP BSM solution in place to enhance infrastructure performance, Vodafone Ireland’s new service framework delivers measurable business services with quantifiable benefits. The IT operations group is able to automatically assess and correlate events and incidents according to business-defined SLAs, with impressive results: critical metrics like the success rate of incident root cause identification improved significantly from 40 to 90 percent (see “Metrics of BSM Success” graphic).


HP Business Service Manager solutions have helped Vodaphone transform from a reactive to a proactive IT Operations function, and to align our priorities to match the business and drive business value.


Learn more

For a closer look at how Vodafone Ireland succeeded with a new IT mode, download the complete case study and discover how it reduced incidents, resolution times, downtime and more.


Read the full case study


Vodafone Ireland is just one of the many companies that have successfully used HP Business Service Management to propel themselves forward. HP Business Service Management helped United Airlines with monitoring their mobile application where more than 20 percent of their business is occurring. The airline utilized our proactive application monitoring service to keep an eye on their critical website and mobile app.  The mobile application is responsible for:

  • 375,000 daily check-ins
  • 60,000 daily tickets created
  • One-fourth of revenue

The airline was struggling with managing the demands of all of the different devices. This is an issue because the airline was unable to analyze performance for each of the devices. Watch this video to find out how proactive application monitoring helped the airline get down to the transaction level to analyze each customer interaction. 

You can watch the video here to learn how we helped them.

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