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“Build Your Own” integration for the HP Operations Bridge

“Build Your Own” integration for the HP Operations Bridge


Did you know an average datacenter has 45 different types of application environments? This means there are hundreds of thousands of resources and that figure is growing as we speak. Our customers use various different types of packaged or custom applications and monitoring tools in their environment. A few of these applications HP and our partners provide are straight out of the box (see out of the box integrations in the Content Catalog in the HP Live Network BSM page). But there are just some needs that can’t be met with an out of the box solution. These situations require a more personal approach.  


We understand that your needs for integrations go beyond the ones provided by an out of the box solution. This "Build Your Own" (BYO) series to point you to resources to build your own integrations.



Let’s begin with the basics—integrations are communications between the HP Operations Bridge and

a)      A packaged or custom monitoring tool. For example, Nagios, Microsoft SCOM and so on

b)      A packaged or custom application. For example, Oracle Database, Hadoop, Vertica and so on 


The purpose of an HP Operations Bridge integration is to transfer event, topology and metric data from the monitoring tool/application to the HP Operations Bridge. Learn more about what an Ops Bridge is by watching our recent webinar "What is an IT Operations Bridge and who benefits from it?".  The HP Operations Bridge can be an overarching manager to monitor your disparate IT environments. The ability to build your own custom integrations to bring in data from your entire environment would tremendously increase the return on your HP Operations Bridge investment, giving a single dashboard view of your complete environment.


Learn how to create a BSM Connector - which is an integration to a packaged or custom monitoring tool today! Refer to the BSM connector Developer’s Guide to learn more.


Have questions? Ask the HP integration experts at the BSM Community Forum.


I also encourage you to read: 4 ways to enhance your HP Operations Bridge content experience to get additional answers to your questions. 


Feel free to reach out to me in the comments section below.


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