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Bridge to the Future: From Operations Analytics to the new Operations Bridge Analytics 3.0

Bridge to the Future: From Operations Analytics to the new Operations Bridge Analytics 3.0


Analytics continues to grow in stature in organizations throughout the world, as a catalyst for innovation and business growth. Hewlett Packard Enterprise helped to further drive this advancement through the trailblazing introduction of HPE Operations Analytics back in 2012. Since then, HPE Operations Analytics has helped many companies uncover hidden insights within their data, avoid outages, and predict performance with a single click.

This rich tradition continues as HPE Operations Analytics is now integrated into the HPE Operations Bridge Suite and has been renamed, HPE Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA). OBA 3.0 combines the scale of big data analytics with Operations Bridge to analyze and correlate IT events across ALL data sources in your data center environment.

The new HPE Operations Bridge Analytics 3.0 automatically detects anomalies in your IT operational data. The software assists you in investigating anomalies, and accelerates the process of analyzing your data to find the root cause of complex, cross-domain problems. This capability helps uncover the answers to problems that are not easily detected.

Here are some of the new capabilities within OBA 3.0:

Anomalies are major changes in the amount or value of collected data. Operations anomaly_detection.GIFBridge Analytics 3.0 automatically searches for detects, and displays anomalies without prior manual configuration. With this new version, it is also possible to configure OBA to send events to Operations Manager i (OMi) when an anomaly is detected.


anomaly_invest.GIFOnce an anomaly has been detected, users can drill down to view the details of the anomaly lifecycle, and then use log and event analytics, along with interactive text search, to efficiently find data and information about the problem.



The new advanced search options dramatically improve your ability to find data in logs. This simplifies and speeds up root cause identification. You can now perform advanced search across all log and event messages, and the most significant results are displayed automatically in a unified overview. Easy-to-use search operators and dynamic statistics now make searching in Operations Bridge Analytics more powerful and intuitive.


host_ip.GIFLog files and metrics from different sources often use different forms of hostnames and IP addresses. OBA 3.0 now automatically discovers and tracks all relevant data related to referenced hosts, across all known names, aliases and IPs. This improves the accuracy of search, troubleshooting analysis, and automated anomaly detection.


To learn more about how these capabilities can help you, visit the Operations Bridge Suite page.

Operations Bridge Suite is the premier Hybrid IT monitoring solution for the digital enterprise. Focused on service impact, Operations Bridge integrates with your existing tools to provide automated event correlation, event reduction, root cause identification, and business service modeling in a single console. Download a free trial today !

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