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Breaking barriers with SaaS

Breaking barriers with SaaS


Software as a Service allows you to look past infrastructure limitation improve the capability of IT to contribute to business goals. It give you the flexibility oyour business needs to compete—and at the same time reduce costs.


Next week at HP Discover in Las Vegas, you will get the opportunity to more closely examine how SaaS may be the best answer for your organization - or just determine the best questions to start asking.  One of the sessions I am excited about is “Software as a service: what it can do for you now—and tomorrow” (BB2577). This session is a deep dive into the current status of SaaS and its potential for the future. 


The session is Tues. June 5 at 5:15 p.m.


By attending this session, you will learn how PwC addresses key success factors such as overcoming legacy tool complexity, disciplining change management processes, and managing programs better. In late 2010, PwC launched a complete modernization and expansion of its management environment, building on a suite of best-practice based applications delivered in a flexible cloud environment.


This case study will focus on key decisions such as selecting a single key partner, emphasizing tool integrations and deciding which processes to move to best practices on out-of-the-box solutions. You’ll see how HP helped PwC integrate seven HP software products with the HP Universal CMDB at their core to touch nearly every area of PwC’s organization and business processes. And you’ll come away understanding critical success factors gleaned from multiple global implementations for becoming a services-led organization through IT transformation.


I am currently in the process of packing for Las Vegas. I am excited for the sessions, training and keynote presentations. 


Hope to see you there.

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