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Berlin’s single pane of glass provides insight into the value of HPE Operations Bridge

Berlin’s single pane of glass provides insight into the value of HPE Operations Bridge


Germany has some beautiful cities, and Berlin counts as one of the most dynamic. A curious mixture of pop, art, fashion, impressive architecture, monuments, city vibe and musical hub surely label it as a must on the wish list of visits.

Reichstag 2.jpgYou can see a long way from the top of the Reichstag glass dome - a single pane of glass into the city of Berlin below.

A glass bridge over the city sights. An informative observatory that illustrate, guides and informs.

That’s the setting for our customer forum where our guest customer speakers will explain how they’ve transformed their operations teams. How they use innovative solutions for 5-star apps, 72x faster root cause detection and speak about how amazingly attractive innovations now provide their business stakeholders with visibility into IT value

Such a lot to visit and do, you may find it hard to see everything. 

Here’s a few that stick in my mind from my visits:

  • Brandenburg Gate – home to New Year and many other celebrations
    and a really nice place to visit.
  • AlexanderPlatz, the largest urban square in Germany
  • Potsdammer Platz with its busy activities and restaurants
  • Judische or Holocaust Museum is a moving visit and easy visit as is 
  • the Berlin Wall, surely the most famous wall in recent times, and source
    of many artists and musicians including Pink Floyd.
  • Airlift Memorial at the Templehof airport used for many years as the hunger rake, the landing spot of the open western world behind the iron curtain. It’s a terrific typical archetypal example of 1940’s and 3rd Reich art, so I made my destination when I flew there before it closed and became a museum in October 2008.

You’ll surely find many other sites an activities to your taste on the internet. Personally I’ve been there a few of times, and yet never managed to get into the glass dome of the Reichstag. But it has always appealed to me and I’ll surely make a point of “doing it” next time.

Hopefully that will be quite soon, and I hope to see you there.

Why? Well as an International centre of business too, many companies like to organize symposiums and conferences there, and this year we are delighted to host you at our HPE BSM Customer Forum May 11th – 13th 2016.

IReichstag 4.jpg think it’s a fitting venue for a large part of the topics you can learn about during our forum. Why? I find the glass dome fascinating and long to visit there.

They call it an iconic “vantage point”. Ring any bells?

 Yes, that is a previous name we used to use for HPE Operations Manager, a historically famous and very successful IT operations management product, many of you may still by using today. HPE Operations Manager has been managing people’s IT resources and datacenters for over 23 years.

We don’t stop there. That offering has evolved (and so too can users of it with our OM2OpsBridge program how people are evolving to more modern IT operations management solutions, the benefits this has brought them are all some of the presentations you can listen to and learn from.

Who will provide this and you will learn from?

Company logos.jpg


All these organizations are transforming their monitoring and IT management to support their digital business, improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs and profit from innovations we are constantly bring in the newer HPE Operations Bridge and our APM and Appulse technologies.

They are all presenting sessions at our forum.

Reichstag 6.jpg

It’s even more fitting that as you look at the glass dome, its reminds me of a bridge winding up until it reaches the pivotal pinnacle - a single pane of glass that takes you to the center of Berlin.

A strong allusion, I think, to what we do with the HPE Operations Bridge.
Federate, consolidate all IT management data from data collectors supplied by HPE, but also many 3rd party tools we know you choose too, into a single pane of glass. A single “observatory” of the health of IT and business services, a means to quickly focus on key issues and decide the path to take.

Let your path lead you to Berlin!!

Come and see those organizations describe their own journeys and successes, let them inspire you and you own decisions.

See how to handle operations looking through a business lens, with our new Business Value Dashboards.

Learn how Vodafone and Swiss Mobiliar are now providing their business stakeholders as well as IT teams with clear visibility of IT operations, just like the Berlin glass dome.
DoitWise will present customer successes they have had with implementation of integrations that exploit their range of Operations Connectors.
KMD and others will explain how using such connectors is a vital part of their own successful operations bridge implementation.

From the glass dome you can visualize and observe the Berlin hubbub of activity, and analyze how it evolves.

The HPE OpsBridge does the same, that consolidation, means you can analyze ALL your data, apply multi-mode correlation and Big Data analytics to accelerate triage. Some, like our own HPE IT, have done that 72x faster than they used to. This story by our experts and many others are what you need to hear, amazing stories. Not to be missed.

You can enroll here or click on the image below:

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The OM-to-OpsBridge evolution program including license exchange details is live. Search on the tag OM2OpsBridge to find blogs discussing this program and evolution to OpsBridge. Search on OMiContent for other blogs on management packs and connectors.

 Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or evaluation license.

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You can also see demonstrations and find out more details of this and other features of our HPE Operations Bridge solution in our sessions and at our booths during HPE Discover Las Vegas.

Click on the image below or here to register.

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