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Benefits of Storage Reclamation

Benefits of Storage Reclamation


We recently commissioned Dimensional Research to determine the benefits of storage reclamation projects using Storage Resource Management (SRM) solutions. Storage Resource Management: The Hidden Goldmine of IT is a survey of 348 respondents with direct responsibilities for storage operation, management and troubleshooting.

The obvious benefit of doing a storage reclamation project is to reclaim storage—it’s no surprise that the research shows the same. But what was interesting, even surprising, were the other benefits gained from a reclamation project. Let’s review the high points:

Improved storage performance

As part of reclamation, storage may have been reclaimed from different storage pools or different parts of a storage system’s overall capacity. User can now get better performance from the storage system if storage admin rebalances some LUNs presented from different storage pools or re-balances LUN presentation through a different set of ports.

VM sprawl results in resource contention that causes performance issues in VMs and underlying vSphere host. To improve VM performance in such scenario, VMs can be moved across another vSphere host. When a set of VM is moved to a host, it may access storage through different LUNs that are already be used near their limit. SRM tools can identify such issues.

Reduced time on storage tasks

A previous survey by TechValidate showed that most respondents save over 12 staff hours per month after implementing storage resource management solution. When storage systems are optimized with storage reclamation on an ongoing basis, storage system utilization increases considerably and results decreased or delayed need to purchase additional storage. (This view is supported by a response in the survey to another question that I will cover in a future post.)



Created storage flexibility for new projects

This is another obvious one. If you reclaimed 20% of your storage (which most respondents in both surveys did) you have more storage to use for other applications.

Better application performance

When I first saw this it surprised me. However, when I coupled this with better storage performance it made sense. For any application that is IO bound, improving disk performance will pass the performance gain to the application(s).

And now for the biggest surprise (at least to me)

Given the benefits reported, why have 37% of companies not done a reclamations projects?


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