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Become a business aware operation with Big Data analytics

Become a business aware operation with Big Data analytics


Guest post by Harald Burose, Product Manager, HP


Learn how to rise above IT silos and enter the brave the new world of “connected intelligence” by using all of the data you collect—but cannot utilize with standard monitoring tools. While instrumentation can capture domain knowledge of your subject matter experts, instrumentation cannot enable you to foresee all of the potential problems across IT silos, nor can it help you resolve them in advance.


I will be presenting this topic at HP Discover Dec 2-4, at Business aware operations with Big Data analytics, Yair Horovitz and I will cover how you combine the power of big data analytics and IT event management together with a state-of-the-art operations bridge. And HP’s unique solution to the market combining analytics together with operations in HP Operations Bridge.


Register here and join us Thursday, Dec 4, 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM


This allows you to view analytics to understand unknown problems and automate the known problems, a capability that we have inside our Operations Bridge. We also cover known problems as well as the known-unknown and the unknown-unknown problems.


Are you a VP of Operations, Tools Managers, Manager of Operations or Architect? We crafted this session specifically to be of interest to you.


We will show attendees how to solve their unknown problems in the environment—the ones that they can’t address. We will also discuss how operations bridge uses the overall workload they have and why they need capabilities in the areas of automation, prediction and correlation.

Attendees will understand that they can optimize operations to improve mean time to repair, and thus the uptime of the business applications. This is possible by identifying problems: the knowns, the unknowns, and the unknown-unknown problems. We will also cover the importance of solving them, increasing the business return of the applications in the IT.


You won’t want to miss this session or any of the other action that is happening at HP Discover in Barcelona. Register here so you don’t miss one moment of the action.


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