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Barcelona – 1 HP – 3. IT Operations game changing announcements at HP Discover

Barcelona – 1 HP – 3. IT Operations game changing announcements at HP Discover


Everyone is football crazy or so it seems. As a kid I remember the excitement of going to the major event of the week—the local football match. Since that time, football has become big business. This means that high consistent performance and scored goals relate directly to spectator satisfaction, turnstile profits and ultimately investor wallet share.


Listening to a famous TV presenter talking about this, I couldn’t help but think of the analogy that describes the role IT plays today. I recently read a Linkedin postThe digitization of everything” which expresses our modern world and the impact on IT. It’s also discusses IT’s impact on digital business.


Just like my football days, there’s a big event in our HP calendar concerning IT, HP Discover (which started today). Being in Barcelona, there’s a strong link to football just through the venue city, so I thought I’d take the role of a commentator and spin the story of HP Discover as a football match.


It’s a huge event. It is colourful, bright with stars that excite, inspire and make people listen. There’s many announcements that are made over the three days and these “goals” I’m are going to be replayed many, many times by a lot of “viewers”.


So in Barcelona, the Golden Ball of the match has to be Operations Manager i version 10 that we announced this week! The Operations Bridge team has dribbled and collaborated to score a superb 50-yard screamer in operations management. Now OMi Single Server installs and embeds PostgreSQL DB. Yep, this is a goal everyone’s been dreaming of ever since OMi arrived on the market. Now everyone can get fast access to operations management—with times ranging from 30minutes to half a day (depending on IT requirements) to full OpsBridge capabilities.


If you miss all the others, this is the one goal to see at HP Discover.

But we didn’t stop there.



Now there are 3x more integrations to the Operations Bridge, 100+ logos, a growing list of Management Packs and connectors for the technologies you chose for your digital business— MongoDB, Ruby, Vertica, VMWare, HortonWorks and many more.

We also announced 3x increased scalability of the managed environment by the Operations Bridge, ensuring 10’s of millions of objects can be managed in your environment.

3x faster time to value, especially with the single server installation, but also through re-engineered navigation meaning 3x less clicks between event and the fix.


Have you been using HP Operations Manager (OMW, OMU, OML), Performance Insight (PI), or OV Reporter for years? These are loved products and have proven to be trustworthy. You may have been thinking for a while about the replacement for these software solutions, but you’re not going to change easily, and it’s not a priority.

No one at HP is going to try to force you to change. Don’t worry Operations Manager will be around for many years to come.

But what we HAVE done is asked users what they are looking for and listened to their responses.

We’ve listened to customers wanting and needing innovation. Users have said they need help to:

  • Ensure all IT resources are always managed
  • Reduce the volume of events generated by the fast pace of digital business, the internet of things and
  • Get to the root cause faster to root cause
  • Make the IT tool landscape a LOT simpler

They also want a more modern and improved operator user interaction with the toolset.

Many customers have added Operations Bridge on top of OM as well as other important proprietary management tools such as Microsoft SCOM, IBM Tivoli and Nagios.

All of you who are users of OM, PI, OVR etc., should and can profit from the huge advantages of the OpsBridge.

And now you can, at HP Discover we are announcing the OM2OMI Evolution.

All customers with OM servers will be entitled to equivalent licenses for OpsBridge.

When you realize that OMi uses the same Operations Agents (OA) you have deployed over the years (pending appropriate version deployment), it’s easy to see there’s no disruption.
Furthermore, you can also use agentless data collection.

Still we know how busy you are, and once again there’s no rush to evolve.

For more information check out the blog that my teammate Saumya Upadhyaya wrote “Our connected world seen through the Spanish looking glass” for more details.

If you’d like to learn more about OpsBridge new features, OMI version 10, SHR 9.40, and the OM2OMi evolution program, at HP Discover come to:



If you cannot make it to HP Discover, then register for our OpsBridge announcement webinar “3 Things IT Operations Always Wanted for Christmas” on Dec 17th


You can also learn more about Operations Bridge with our e-book, white papers, and customer testimonials at


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