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BAM! POW! How one dynamic duo manages the entire server lifecycle

BAM! POW! How one dynamic duo manages the entire server lifecycle


Guest Post by Andy Mackay,

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, HP Automation and Cloud Management


Batman and Robin. Sherlock and Watson. R2-D2 and C3-PO. Frodo and Sam. The Doctor and his companion. Heck, maybe even Statler and Waldorf. There is no doubt about it: Great things can be accomplished when two complementary partners join forces.


At HP, the dynamic duo of server lifecycle management are HP Server Automation and HP OneView. Together, they make data center management more efficient.


HP OneView is a fresh approach to infrastructure management that simplifies the most basic steps common to all data center processes, which allows IT teams to dramatically improve operations while reducing costs and manual errors that cause downtime. HP OneView was launched in September for the HP BladeSystem platform and HP ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) servers.


c3po.jpgHP OneView features are extensive, but it’s when you use it in conjunction with HP Server Automation that you really improve how you manage HP servers through the entire stack.


Server Automation is used to provision and manage servers through the entire lifecycle for both HP and non-HP servers. Server Automation uses resources such as OS build plans and scripts to run deployment jobs. With Server Automation, you can establish patch polices to install and maintain patches for supported operating systems running on managed servers. Your compliance managers have visibility across the managed servers to see which servers are out of compliance and can then remediate non-compliant servers to bring them back into compliance, based on policies created within Server Automation

Server Automation offers more control over the consistency of software deployment and configuration, resulting in fewer errors, while its auditing and compliance features make it easy for you to improve compliance with corporate security guidelines.

Better together

Lord of the Rings.png 


With HP Server Automation and HP OneView, you can better manage end-to-end business services with complete infrastructure control:

  • HP OneView focuses on server hardware management with its deployment, health management, remote control, and power management capabilities
  • HP Server Automation enables you to easily manage the entire lifecycle of large numbers of heterogeneous servers through its policy-based configuration and auditing capabilities

This graphic illustrates how the two solutions complement each other:


HP Server Automation.PNG


Now that’s a partnership that accomplishes great things!

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