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Automation enhances customer services with standardized and scalable IT environments

Automation enhances customer services with standardized and scalable IT environments


The following is a guest post by Daniel Cunningham, Senior IT Consultant in Computing Services and Automation Services of Convergys Corporation

Convergys Corp. is a customer management services provider, partnering with clients around the globe from more than 150 locations in 58 languages. We work with clients to improve customer loyalty, reduce costs, and generate revenue through our offering of capabilities. We were established as a traditional IT organization with all functions divided by technical towers. We used basic VMware templates to define the Virtual Server environments and provisioning required multiple administrative hand-offs and manual processes for 7,000+ computing systems in data centers worldwide, operating on both Windows and Linux OS. Our IT environment was becoming increasingly complex and we decided to move forward with early adoption of HPE Server Automation and HPE Network Automation.

HPE was our choice for software because of the enterprise class support and their extensive knowledge with data centers and scaling in a complex environment. HPE could also provide us with multi-platform support and create a resilient architecture to meet our demanding Service Level Agreements. The software solutions support our private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Each automation product came with out-of-box integrations, making the automation process extremely fluent and simplified.

Convergys2.jpgConvergys was able to use HPE Operations Orchestration to implement automated alerts for HPE Service Manager and use Cloud Service Automation (CSA) to create a user friendly integration with the already installed Server Automation and Network Automation software. We used built-in CSA examples to understand the product operation and then standardized configurations across the enterprise. Cloud Service Automation became the glue for all the products from HPE, providing a web-interface which could be easily customized and deployed to for end-users.

Our call center deployment for computing is now faster, reducing the time to new servers from two weeks to less than two hours. This helps to reduce rework by applying standard compliance at build time with HPE Server Automation. HPE Software enabled us to complete this project in eight months with a two person IT staff at an estimated cost saving of 50%. These products and solutions have elevated our IT infrastructure and allowed us to focus on providing more efficient service to our customers.

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About the author:

Dan Cunningham is a Senior Technical Consultant focused on Server Provisioning Automation and Process Automation at Convergys. As an employee of over 28 years he has worked in various system administration roles largely related to Unix based platforms and is a credited source in two “how to” books about UNIX system administration techniques. He has been responsible for leading implementation of HPE Automation technologies for Convergys IT over 10 years.

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Nimish Shelat is currently focused on Datacenter Automation and IT Process Automation solutions. Shelat strives to help customers, traditional IT and Cloud based IT, transform to Service Centric model. The scope of these solutions spans across server, network, database and middleware infrastructure. The solutions are optimized for tasks like provisioning, patching, compliance, remediation and processes like Self-healing Incidence Remediation and Rapid Service Fulfilment, Change Management and Disaster Recovery. Shelat has 23 years of experience in IT, 20 of these have been at HP spanning across networking, printing , storage and enterprise software businesses. Prior to his current role as a Manager of Product Marketing and Technical Marketing, Shelat has held positions as Software Sales Specialist, Product Manager, Business Strategist, Project Manager and Programmer Analyst. Shelat has a B.S in Computer Science. He has earned his MBA from University of California, Davis with a focus on Marketing and Finance.

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