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“Another Fine Mess you got me into” – Oli’s namesake to the rescue of IT Operations

“Another Fine Mess you got me into” – Oli’s namesake to the rescue of IT Operations


If you were weaned on slapstick variety, like me, you’ll remember Stan and Oli (Laurel and Hardy). Laurel and Hardy.jpg

The duo appeared in 107 films from 1926- the mid-1950s. Many of their funniest moments are on YouTube to remind of the teary eyes we had watching their acts. “Another fine mess you got me into”, was one of their most famous catch phrases Stan used to chastise Oli.


Well here’s news about an Oli that’ll get folk out of a mess, HP Operations Log Intelligence. As it name suggests, this new product provides the mean to collect, store and analyze log data. It might seem old hat, but with BYOD, mobility, cloud and the myriad of technologies to choose in this day and age that are here to stay and colour the IT landscape, why ignore the log data? Developers are increasingly sensitive to the fast lifecycle of apps, and are automatically rolling out new versions weekly. The instrumentation they include, in those apps, in the devices, in those technologies, is of increasing importance. It is vital to learn which part of the end-to-end puzzle is experiencing or generating issues.

IDG Connect OpsA Data.pngAs the side bar shows, people do realize that a lot of data is simply left ignored or unused. Why is this happening?


Location— Well for one thing, it’s distributed, so working out how to get to it and then decoding what it says is time consuming. What if the collector became as simple as an intelligent connector covering all these end points? What if something takes care of the decoding and presents the information in an attractive way to see in a jiffy what it’s describing? If it is not easy to understand, it will be glanced at, but not comprehended.


Figure 1 Results of a Survey concerning data analytics


Size— Data needs to be managed easily, archived, and retired without involving complexity nor needing a huge storage budget. Customers need storage options to handle their data.


Speed— Yup it takes time to go log on to those end points and get access to the data. It is also troublesome as well to remember how to use the interface that performs the action. What if indexed and decoded data was available at a glance, searchable in a centralized place and quickly recovered when needed?

Finally, you’ll tell me "we can’t afford fancy systems that do all this, even if they exist". Well with HP OLI this becomes untrue!


 OLI Dashboard.png

Figure 2 HP Operations Log Intelligence Dashboard Results of a Survey concerning data analytics


These are the reasons we created OLI, and it’ll get you out of the mess that your ‘Stan’s and Oli’s” are in. We put it into a really economic package that’s very accessible, easy to deploy and takes strides to solving all of the mess.

Now you can have an economical, easy to deploy and very powerful solution that uses all of that data lying all over the place in your error, trace and log files. If you know HP, you know we care about quality, customers, and coming up with ways to make sure these solutions protect your investment. The technology used within HP OLI has led HP to maintain a leadership position in its sector for several years. Another way we protect your investment, and bring its advantages to your IT Operations teams.

HAVEN Symbol.png

HP OLI is based on HAVEn, the HP Big Data solution which means it provides a strategic, comprehensive base and you can expect it to be used with even more and more powerful capabilities, such as HP Operations Analytics


Now your competitors will have the teary eyes (Tears of sadness, not laughter) as you use all of your data to fix issues faster, stay competitive and keep business users smiling. HP OLI will help you get your log data out of the fine mess that’s in it.

Learn more about HP IT Analytics here, and for OLI see here.  

You can also learn more about these solutions in our Google hangout

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