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Announcing the all new Storage Operations Manager

Announcing the all new Storage Operations Manager


The storage management team is proud to announce the all new HP Storage Operations Manager (SOM), our new multi-vendor storage resource management solution, is now shipping.


The design criteria for SOM are:


  • optimize storage
  • be simple to use
  • be scalable
  • give users the advanced analytics they need
  • support physical and virtual environments

Optimize storage

One of SOM’s primary missions in life is to optimize storage from both a capacity and performance perspective.


For capacity, SOM finds unused storage, both white space and grey space. Industry estimates say there is less than 50% utilization on average.


To look at how this can produce savings, let’s do a small example.


Assume you have 5 petabyte of storage at a cost of $2 / gigabyte. That is $10M. Assume you have only 10% recoverable space (versus the 50% above). 10% x $10M = $1,000,000.


I’m a big Starbucks fan, that saving takes care of me for years, maybe for life.


In the performance and troubleshooting area, SOM tracks a number of performance metrics for all parts of the storage subsystem including host bus adaptors (HBA), switches, arrays and network attached storage (NAS). Figure 1 shows volume I/O and each section (blue bar) show other performance metrics.


Figure 1 – Volume I/O


SOM also builds and shows a topology view (see Figure 2) of the storage subsystem, the full topology or a subset. These two combined help speed the troubleshooting process, which of course, increases uptime.


Figure 2 – topology view


Simple to use

Not only designed as simple to use, we also designed for quick time-to-value. You can get SOM installed in 15 minutes, with populated reports in 2 hours.


The user interface (UI) is HTML5 based, so it is extremely snappy and gave us the tools we needed to build a highly functional interface.



SOM is based on the Network Node Manager i code base, which has been time tested and shown to be massively scalable. SOM inherits that stability and scalability.


This means SOM is able to handle extremely large flat storage area networks (SAN) environments.



The number of metrics produced by modern storage subsystems is huge to the point of being almost indigestible by humans. With its analytics capabilities, SOM turns all that data into information.

Beyond its dashboards, SOM includes HP Service Health Reporter standard edition (SHR). With its high performance database SHR is able to quickly produce any information you need.


SOM ships with standard templates for SHR, but if they don’t suit your needs you can modify them or start fresh with your own reports based on any of the information SOM collects.


SOM also produces predictive analytics to aid in decision support. It can tell you when you will probably run out of storage at a number of levels. This makes storage purchases an orderly process, rather than a rush.


Support physical and virtual environments

Let’s go directly the virtual world, by comparison managing physical storage seems easy. Virtual machine (VM) abstractions, such as virtual machine disk (VMDK) and virtual host bus adapters (HBAs), obscure the visibility you need to properly manage the environment.


SOM gives insight into the virtualized environment to help you optimize storage by answering questions like these:

  • How many resources are allocated to a hypervisor and VM?
  • How much of it is used? What is underutilized and what can be reclaimed?
  • Are these servers consuming expensive storage resources, can they be moved to lower cost tiers?

SOM supports a wide range of storage and switches, and provides a number of out-of-the-box reports.


Figure 3 – summary of platforms, devices and reports


I’ll wrap up by inviting you to a webinar from Vivit, our independent user group, on 21 May at 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 5 pm CET, you can register here. Vivit will be giving away one HP Slate at the webinar, details on the registration page.


If you want to learn more about SOM visit the product page –


Storage Operations Manager is a storage resource management solution that helps you reduce total costs of storage operations and increase productivity.


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