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Announcing HP Operations Bridge version 10 with 10 great reasons to adopt it

Announcing HP Operations Bridge version 10 with 10 great reasons to adopt it


Announcing HP Operations Bridge version 10 with 10 great reasons to adopt it




A magic number.
A memorable number.


Think about it. 
When I think of the number ten, it evokes all sorts of images and memories.



I think of decimal. Many jokes have been made over the years of the British Imperial system.

You know yards, feet, pounds (lb) stones, gallons etc.


That was one of the querks of an old system that had served its purpose but needed modernizing. That happened on decimal day, 15 February 1971 when the UK adopted MKS (metres, kilograms, seconds). I was 16 years old when that was done, and we had to start again, minds full on conversions from one to the other.


Of course some of the old system survived most notably some things dearest to my heart.

I mean, I don’t think I’d never ask for a litre of beer.


Some things won’t change.




Ten.  Here’s the connection with the news I wanted to tell to you.


Do you recognize the bridge in this photo?


It’s not too far from where I live in France and it’s still the world’s tallest viaduct.

Viaduc de Millau. And it is, you guessed it… ten years old!

A beautifully designed and engineered bridge, I think you’d agree, and a vital link that reduces the time to get millions of people across the valley to merely a few seconds (maybe a few more than 10)


Gaining time like that is exactly what IT Operations needs.


Just like HP Operations Bridge version 10.01 IT Management and event correlation software.


Beautiful, don't you think.

We think it’s well engineered, and that’s accurate judging from the opinions of customers presenting here at HP Discover.


Just as the viaduct, HP Operations Bridge provides terrific reduction in the time get from detect to correct for IT Operations teams.

We announced this product to the Americas for the first time this week at HP Discover, and our sessions were very well attended.


The Operations Bridge provides the means to span your IT Operations tools. It brings the data you need to one place, provides with a single view shared by everyone, to understand what is happening—and prioritize the issues that are of greatest importance.


The Operations Bridge version 10 is packed with many features. Let’s discuss ten of the most important ones.


  1. Its new and lightweight thus gives you fast time to value

    HP Operations Bridge version 10 can now be used as a standalone solution. It includes an OpenSource embedded PostgreSQL database and can be downloaded from as a virtual machine. You can be up and running in 30 minutes.
  2. Sharpen your mean time to resolve issues
    Your operations teams remove delays provoked by otherwise siloed management tools. It’ll almost certainly remove your war rooms by providing a single pane of glass picture of the availability and performance of IT resources and service health using a model-driven approach.
  3. Integration
    Operations Bridge v. 10 integrates the IT data from your existing management tools as well as supporting over 100-plus technologies that your application developers will be choosing from.
  4. Swift navigation through beautiful operations dashboards
    Using HTML 5 and re-engineered navigation, customers already find that operations teams execute their processes much swifter, recovering vital minutes for improved efficiency.
  5. Built in Automation
    Discovery – all the sensors that provide IT management data, enriched management packs, and dedicated discovery engines provide the means to not only build the dependency model for service management, but also keep it updated in real-time.
    This is vital given that change is happening all around us.

    Monitoring – some surveys show that activation of vital monitoring of new business resources, can take anywhere from one week to three months, and even then some are left forgotten. This is unacceptable in this day and age.
    HP Operations Bridge v10 provides the means to deploy pre-configured, test and proven monitoring to each new instance it is applied to. This automation also allows your experts to access and configure monitoring parameters, frequencies, thresholds etc, without needing to wait for the Operations team to apply them—and without needing prior knowledge of the tool doing the monitoring. This is true for Agentless or agent-based monitoring.
    Remediation - execution of simple script or more complicated runbooks. HP Operations Bridge Ultimate edition include HP Operations orchestration, the industry’s leading workflow and runbook automation package, and giving you access to over 5000 templates to adopt.
    Reporting – when IT changes do occur, it may means hours of work to reconfigure simple but otherwise effective reporting tools. The Operations Bridge v 10 includes a cross-domain reporting solution with 200+ reports that uses the same model, so those changes don’t break any report definitions. This capability is a huge time saver.

 6. More data is more power

       As we announced at HP Discover this week, HP Operations Bridge Ultimate edition now includes our ground breaking        solution HP Operations Analytics.This defines the first solution in the industry to marry advanced IT event and

       performance management with advanced BigData-based analytics and operations analytics.

       Now your operators have the means to deal with IT issues detected through monitoring, and deal with new

       unknown issues by applying advanced analysis of logs, events and other IT data back and forth in time. Not only

       that, but HP Operations Analytics 2.3 now includes cross-metric correlation, log analytics, and metric extraction

       from logs.


 7. Up in minutes, scales to suit

      As I mentioned, this new version is up and running in 30 minutes. But also, this solution will scale in a manager of

      manager hierarchical fashion, to manage millions of IT resources and deal with millions of events per day. All in an

      architecture that can suit your structural and organization constraints. It truly scales to suit your requirements.


8. Focus and prioritize on the right issues.

     The power of using the Operations Bridge has led numerous customer presentations this week at HP Discover, to

      gain benefits such as 75 percent reduction in incidents. Some handled 3000 incidents / month, so the benefits can

      quickly be in the $M.

      This is done through complex event processing and the service model, which allows you to focus on true root cause

      and then either have the right team work on the issue, or apply that automation we mentioned above.

      The net of this is prioritization and earlier release of IT Operations allows you to innovate instead of fire fight.


 9.  Business color your IT dat

       There is no doubt that you can vastly improve alignment between business and IT teams by improving the visibility

        of what’s happening. This is true In both these domains and out there in the world too.

        So we’ve made another exciting and innovative new solution introduction at HP Discover this week. The all new HP             Business Value Dashboard. You can read more about it in this blog: Over the Business Rainbow – A new HP Business “Heads up Display”

         It will add business color to your IT data. It is simple, needs no license for HP Operations Bridge, and is loosely

         coupled using https and SSL for secured access. That simplicity is extended by using standard office tools to create

         and modify your templates for the dashboard.

         It’s colorful—you add your own graphics into it, and it will connect and show the status of IT devices, as well as the

         colored graphics of key IT and business KPIs.

         It is flexible, you can use it on any device anywhere, and pipe your IT data, business data, news feeds, streaming

         video all onto the same customized dashboards.


10. Results that count

        Yes multiple customers have been amazing us this week by showing benefits such as:

        Annual Cost saving €1.2M, 1st year ROI 300 percent, and 60 percent plus reduction in cumulative monthly

        downtime- large telecommuinications giant


        30 percent reduction in help desk call -  Turkish Bank


         90 percent reduction in Time to Restore Service -  American Intercontinental Airline Operator


          “Using HP Operations Bridge we have gained 33 percent reduction in MTTR and reached an SLA achievement of 

           ~% 98” – Middle East service provider.


So yes Ten is a big number, and HP Discover sessions introducing HP Operations bridge version 10 are already generating a ton of memories.


See for more details,


Register to the Public Beta for HP Business Value Dashboard here



Learn more about Operations Manager and Operations Manager i here.

You can also download trials of the software to experience them for yourself.

The OM-to-Opsbridge evolution program including license exchange details is now live. Search on the tag OM2OpsBridge to find blogs discussing this program and evolution to OpsBridge.
Search on OMiContent for other blogs on management packs and connectors.

We are pleased to announce the HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade, version 1.1. The HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade enables you to establish a link between BMC Impact Manager and HP Operations Manager i 10 (OMi).  


The key features of this release are:   


  • Support of Operations Manager i 10 and BSM Connector 10    
  • Self-discovery  

The installation package and the integration guide are available at


We are also pleased to announce the availability of yet more extensions to our fast growing catalogue of management tools, the lightweight OMi Management Pack for Docker has been released on HP-LN:


We are now happy to announce the availability a new connector for HP Helion.
You can find it for download on HPLN at,

Based on Monasca the OpenStack monitoring tool and available independently from Helion, but will be a key part of the Helion offering in fal 2015l. With this HP Helion Monasca connector we are well prepared in advance for integrating HP Helion monitoring with OMi.

  • A demo of the Monasca connector is available in the demo environment already, it is a recorded and clickable demo.
  • It is community supported release, right now we don’t plan any enablement trainings for it. We can change this if there is a significant request for it.










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