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Announcement: BSM Connector for IBM Tivoli now available for BSM 9.x!

Announcement: BSM Connector for IBM Tivoli now available for BSM 9.x!


As of today, we have made the BSM Connector for IBM Tivoli available. This includes integration for Tivoli Enterprise Console and Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus.  These integrations work with BSM 9.1x (and BSM Integration Adapter 9.1x) and can be downloaded from HP LiveNetwork, where you will find associated version information and documentation.

The IBM Tivoli integration provides…

-          Event forwarding to BSM OMi Event Console

-          Direct access to integration policy from BSM Server

-          Topology acquisition of nodes from IBM Tivoli

-          Synchronization of event "close state" back to IBM Tivoli (Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus only)

-          Easy customization and extension using Integration Adapter's sample based event mapping definition, sophisticated event defaults and value maps for standard event attributes (e.g. mapping 3rd party event severities to BSM event severities)

-          The install packages and end-user documentation is available through HP LiveNetwork

-          This integration will be supported using Community Support in HP LiveNetwork


This integration with IBM Tivoli is yet another example of how HP BSM is enabling our customers to manage their heterogeneous monitoring environments with a single console.  By creating this out-of-the-box integration adaptor technology, HP provides the way to manage other domain/event managers from a single location. 


We now have built ‘off the shelf’ integrations for Microsoft SCOM, IBM Tivoli, and Nagios!  For more information on each of these integrations, follow the below links:

BSM Connector for Tivoli

BSM Connector for SCOM

BSM Connector for Nagios


What does all this mean?  It means you can create a true consolidated operations bridge where IT Services and IT Infrastructure are monitored and managed.  Using HP Operations Manager I (OMi), you will have a Manager of Manager’s deployment, where you can consolidate events and topology information from HP’s data collectors as wells as those from 3rd party vendors like SCOM, Nagios, and Tivoli.  And now with OMi also pulling events from ArcSight Logger and ESM, you can create a powerful “Operations Bridge” – where all events are sent, correlated, prioritized, dispatched and resolved!


What are you waiting for?  Talk with your HP sales rep to learn more about how you can use HP BSM to better manage your dynamic, multiple-vendor deployment to increase efficiency and productivity.

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