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Analyze your OMi events for an efficient IT Operations team

Analyze your OMi events for an efficient IT Operations team


If you have evolved to the OMi Operations Bridge, you are reaping all its benefits, what with the event correlations, monitoring automation, powerful event dashboard, and all this with a slicker UI. But you still need to get a handle on the incoming event load and plan your operations better. Have a look at the OMi cross-domain events content pack in HPE Service Health Reporter that provides you with all the events analytics by various dimensions, like event severity, priority, user groups, correlation statistics, event trends, and more. With HPE SHR’s long term data retention, you have multi-months and multi-years analysis at your fingertips.

You can try HPE Service Health Reporter for yourself here.

Below you will find examples of some of the out-of-box reports that help you plan your resources better, with the goal of running an efficient IT Operations team.

 1. OMi Event Assignment by User Groups: analyze the load on your team by user groups / users and determine the load trend. Will help you answer:

  • Is my team adequately staffed?
  • Resource planning: how is the events load trend over the last many months?
  • Is a particular group, may be responsible for a specific application, more loaded than the others? Can I do some resource balancing?


2. OMi Events Summary:

  • Get a snapshot of the overall event load, and recent incoming volume trend.
  • Analyze the average responsiveness and closure rate, in context of the incoming event rate trend.


3. Top N CIs by Events

Identify the top CIs with highest event volumes. Possibly handle them under problem management to identify potentially recurring problems to address to have maximum bang for your buck.


For complete reference to all the events analysis available in the OMi Cross-domain Events reporting content pack in HPE SHR, please refer to the SHR Handbook of Reports and the OMi content pack reference guide.

Also read this related blog on Guide to reporting in the new APM (BSM 9.2x) + OMi 10 distributed world.

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