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Achieving a simplified IT environment for the new generation of IT with Data Center Automation

Achieving a simplified IT environment for the new generation of IT with Data Center Automation


The following is a guest post by Mark Stang, Consultant with Nationwide Mutual Insurance, and Pete Falzarano, Manager of Infrastructure Engineering, Nationwide Mutual Insurance

As a Fortune 100, A+ rated financial service and insurance company, Nationwide stores and operates mass amounts of data for our customers and employees across multiple data centers and many smaller colocation and field facilities. Our environment has approximately 10,000 servers, 73% of which are virtual. Separate teams were designated to build tools and process for both Windows and Linux. Our customer demand has been rapidly growing and we needed a solution that would simplify IT. Our IT team had previously used tools that did not meet our needs. They required unique instances and manual synchronization.

We created our wish list - needs and wants - and began our search. HPE Server Automation really stood apart from alternatives we reviewed. Some of the key differentiators of HPE SA were the integration capabilities with servers, its multi-mesh architecture, compliance reporting, and the ease of scalability to our other facilities. Server automation also creates a framework for our IT infrastructure to transition to cloud based management in the future.

HPE Professional Services sped up the entire process implementation and automating builds.

With HPE Software and Services, our project was delivered on time and within our budget. We replaced 3 tools with one, reducing time spent on manual procedures and reporting. This implementation also allowed us to grow out our server footprint with the IT workforce. The server teams have completely adopted HPE SA, creating a more standardized deployment and management policy. Because of the integrations with Windows, ESX, Linux, and Java Hosting our provisioning team is no longer silo-ed and is working as a unified team.

Having a single look into our environments and a multi-mesh architecture results in reduced maintenance times and increased efficiency. Our team has also been able to dedicate more time to improving the build process. We are now taking the next step to simplification of IT. We are implementing HPE Operations Orchestration and Cloud Service Automation.

There is only one way to find out if you can achieve the same results. Download the free 90-Day trial for DCA Express and start your transformation with HPE Server Automation and HPE Operations Orchestration.

Mark Stang is a consultant with Nationwide Mutual Insurance.       

Pete Falzarano is the Manager of Infrastructure Engineering for Nationwide Mutual Insurance.

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