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Achieve your possibilities with Business Service Management

Achieve your possibilities with Business Service Management


The calendar officially says “2014” now and this is the perfect time to take stock of all aspects of your life. January 1st usually brings New Year’s Resolutions and a chance to do things differently this year. This year I plan on spending more time reading and traveling (learning a foreign language may be involved).


When it comes to your business, I recommend spending this time evaluating how your organization is currently operating. Is there an area where you can make better use of growing technologies and the information they generate? Do you want to make sure you catch any problems with your company’s mobile application before your customers do? Do you have areas in your data center where systems and tools are not communicating?  

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? If so, let’s take a deeper look at how you can address these issues.


UAL video.pngIdentifying individual transactions from mobile devices

Let’s begin with the importance of mobile to your organization. Consumers are performing more and more of their transactions from their mobile and tablet devices. If you want to take advantage of the potential of this market, you have to make sure your mobile application is capable of keeping pace. You also have to make sure it is fully functional when users access it.

 HP Business Service Management helped United Airlines with monitoring their mobile application where more than 20 percent of their business is occurring. The airline utilized our proactive application monitoring service to keep an eye on their critical website and mobile app.  The mobile application is responsible for:

  • 375,000 daily check-ins
  • 60,000 daily tickets created
  • One-fourth of revenue

The airline was struggling with managing the demands of all of the different devices. This is an issue because the airline was unable to analyze performance for each of the devices. Watch this video to find out how proactive application monitoring helped the airline get down to the transaction level to analyze each customer interaction. 


You can watch the video here to learn how we helped them.


Operations bridge.png


Closing the gaps in your data center

Did you know that the average data center has 30,000 resources and that the number of IT events has increased by 300 percent over the past five years?

This growth has led to a breakdown in communication between hardware, software, tools, applications, networks and services. These disparate systems and their lack of communication is costing your organization money—everyday. Because IT doesn’t have a clear view of the entire system, they may be working ineffectively or creating problems in another area because they can’t see the impacts of their changes.

HP Operations Bridge can help bridge these gaps by consolidating your view of data from point tools and correlate data to identify root causes and speed resolution. You will also gain the ability to report across all IT domains from the same datasets.

This infographic will help you understand the challenges facing IT today in 2014 and will show you how HP Operations Bridge can truly help you bridge these gaps.

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