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Accelerating Agile adoption with Software as a Service: Now accepting beta testers

Accelerating Agile adoption with Software as a Service: Now accepting beta testers


For all the benefits of Agile methodology – lower risk, higher quality, more visibility and faster ROI among them – there can be challenges associated with transitioning development teams to an Agile methodology.


One of the biggest barriers to Agile adoption is that for best results, Agile methodology requires a comprehensive change from waterfall. This is a daunting prospect for development teams and requires a level of planning, implementation and cultural change that can have short-term consequences if not handled with care. However, best practice could indicate that while the best results are in adopting Agile methodology across all development elements, a comprehensive introduction of Agile against all projects, all at once, is not required. Often, an adoption curve that scales as more users and projects are slowly introduced to the new processes should be considered.


Agile methodology requires the buy-in from all levels, from management through to the developers. This can be accomplished through a steady increase in the number of projects that utilize new Agile processes so that the methodology can be proven, returns measured and common expectations set. It is in this way that a software solution that supports Agile methodology can be helpful – especially when delivered as a Service.


When Agile management software is delivered as a Service, the new processes can be introduced to developers and adoption expanded as the organization, culture and projects permit. Attempting to move a waterfall team to Agile ‘overnight’ is not always reasonable, and such an all-or-nothing implementation can create a long-term barrier to full adoption even among companies that otherwise see the benefit of adopting Agile methodology. Instead, using the flexible, scalable and cost efficient SaaS delivery model, adoption can be completed over a period of time that allows for organizational process and cultural adjustments. This ultimately provides a more comprehensive adoption of all Agile processes and use by greater numbers of users for more development projects.


HP Software understands the challenges that adopting Agile methodology can cause for some organizations, and now has the answer - HP Agile Manager. HP Agile Manager, in beta testing through November 30, offers users a SaaS-delivered solution providing the insight, traceability, and task management needed to shrink planning phases, address delivery of functionality in short motions and engage in real-time decisions to ensure delivery of high quality functionality as found in Agile methodology. Plus, as a Software-as-a-Service solution, users also get more than a decade of HP experience in Cloud and SaaS delivery, quick implementation, access to a suite of proven HP Software solutions delivered as a Service, and a focus on the customer adoption of the software, helping to assure high ROI and maximize the benefits of the solution.


To get started as a beta tester for HP Agile Manager, simply complete this brief form.

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