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Accelerate your Cloud adoption with CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Service

Accelerate your Cloud adoption with CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Service


Most organizations have plans to embark on a cloud journey, if they haven’t already begun the journey. While some early adopters have embraced cloud delivery models such as private and/or hybrid cloud; most are seeking a way to “start small” with pilots, proofs of concept, and limited scope projects. Most customers begin with an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution.


Come see how CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Service from HP Software Professional services offers a fixed-scope, fixed-price service that can help you become a cloud service broker faster. By helping HP CloudSystem Matrix customers move quicker, now you can offer PaaS/SaaS and IaaS services to both IT and Line of Business users today.



Accelerate becoming an Enterprise Grade Cloud Service Broker


CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Service is built on the back of the recently announced CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite. The starter suite was specifically designed to help HP CloudSystem Matrix customers take their first steps at becoming a Cloud Service Broker through the seamless integration of HP Cloud Service Automation.


HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Services helps accelerate these initiatives further along, making use of rapid and affordable deployment that addresses :

  • Installation and Configuration of both HP Cloud Service Automation and HP Operations Orchestration,
  • Integration of HP Cloud Service Automation into an existing HP CloudSystem Enterprise instance, and
  • Six IaaS service designs and a single catalog offering for either Windows 2008 or RedHat Linux leveraging an existing HP CloudSystem Enterprise template.


By accelerating your time to value, and having your private cloud framework installed and ready for solution implementation in approximately 10 days, you can now enjoy :

  • Costs reduction through automation of activities provisioning
  • Increased agility from provisioning in minutes, not months
  • Offer infrastructure and platform services through a single user portal
  • Improved user experience and increase satisfaction with IT/Line of Business stakeholders
  • Lower your cost and time to meet compliance and reporting requirements


Contact your HP sales representative today to find out how you can begin realizing the benefits of increased agility and reduced costs, while containing your initial investment commitment. Download the attached service brief showing the  the ease in integration of HP Cloud Service Automation onto Matrix OE in CloudSystem Matrix. It will show you how CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Service can help accelerate such initiatives today through a rapid and affordable deployment. Learn more at our product page: .


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