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A bridge too far? Don’t just watch your competitors cross to greener pastures, take action!

A bridge too far? Don’t just watch your competitors cross to greener pastures, take action!


Barcelona and Catalunya are famous for bridges that were built for key purposes. They are vital connections and were constructed and designed to blend into the existing landscape and into the historical outlook. They are amazing examples of how to effectively connect two disparate points.
















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In IT you can’t stand still, evolution is happening all around and new bridges will help you take strides towards greener pastures.


At HP Discover we’re making some big announcements and as a result, you’ll see a new era of IT emerge with our newest version of the Operations Bridge solution. This is your opportunity to hear how customers are crossing the bridge from domain to service management with testimonials from others who have crossed the bridge before you. Now you can keep your historical solutions, but sit on top of them and actively multiply the ROI from them.

What we mean by this? What is an Operations Bridge? Are you puzzled?

Well we all know that that many management tools exist—they often come with the technologies you buy. They come with the purchase of routers, servers, storage and enterprise software. Some of those solutions, including from HP Software such as Network Node Manager i and Operations Manager, have been in datacenters for decades, Trusted as they are, the sheer pace of business evolution today means that more is expected of IT than simply keeping these domains that they manage up and running. No one is saying to throw these tools away—they are often at least important data collection mechanisms. We often find that people have:

  • Lack of visibility end to end of what is impacting what
  • Too many events on their NOC consoles
  • Too many gaps in qualifying what is happening end to end
  • Segregation of both data and the means to analyze it to find out what to do in the next five minutes


The Operations Bridge addresses the need to simplify the IT tools landscape, and allows operators to regain the end-to-end visibility they lack. As the aforementioned proliferation of technologies marches on, the need to unify data into a common view and then apply analysis to find root cause becomes a key advantage. The means to automate that collection, the discovery of changes in the IT landscape, automated remedial action based on the results of powerful analysis, are all benefits of Operations Bridge that people seek.


At HP Discover we will be announcing fresh capabilities and breakthrough products that will appeal to commercial and larger enterprises alike. If you previously thought this kind of software wasn’t for you, it is time to think again. With these announcements, you’ll see exactly what we’ve done to make it appeal to people who need to do more than manage domains.

Large or small enterprises will benefit from these announcements, and will gain enormous cost reductions, improvements in operational efficiency, and focus on business priorities, as described by our customer testimonials.


Still not convinced? Think it’s a bridge too far?

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Well, come and see.  Some of those testimonials will come from enterprises that are probably at your scale or smaller. The value of the Operations Bridge is found in very short periods of time, some like Vodafone Ireland and Injazat Data Systems have found considerable ROI—as much as 300 percent, in their first year.


Yup the grass is greener on the other side according to them.


There are multiple sessions for you to discover more about these customer testimonials, and more from HP Software


Register for HP Discover here so you don’t miss any of the announcements!


Here are a few sessions where you can hear the testimonials of these customers:


In session B5429—Webscale IT classic and cloud native workloads mastered through one lens with PlayTech to hear all about the new announcement, and listen to one customer who’s testing some of these capabilities.


In session B5405—I’ll join Martin Kolar, IT Analyst with GE Money to talk about the new announcements and the OM2OMi evolution strategy we’ve defined. Find out more about the journey that GE Money Bank is on with great results.


In session DF5422 - ACTWise: An HP program for evolving operations management. This session is focused on an HP program to help you evolve your Operations Management implementation, join Bettina Hellinga, Eli Eyal of PlayTech, and Martin Kolar for an interactive session of the evolution program and two testimonials in session


You won’t want to miss these announcements and your opportunity to hear these first-hand experiences. Make sure you register for HP Discover in Barcelona December 2-4 here.



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