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A CIO Discussion on Hybrid Cloud Delivery

A CIO Discussion on Hybrid Cloud Delivery


Up level the CIO discussion …

HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite (CSE Starter Suite) gives you the ability to have a different, value-based conversation with CIOs that currently have  existing cloud enabled accounts, as well as with CIOs that are getting  ready for cloud. These conversations are about complex multi-tier applications running on the infrastructure – and not just infrastructure per se.  CSE Starter Suite gives you a  fresh perspective that focuses on the myriad of interactions between customers, employees and partners across the CIO’s organization—all through a single, self-provisioning portal.


Focusing on areas where it matters…

Where is your focus? For CIOs, they are focused on the ability to automate the complete application stack including infrastructure, applications and databases while providing a self-service portal to complete the package. With CSE Starter Suite you can integrate with existing virtualization technologies as well as with new hybrid hardware environments with ease;  now organizations are free from forced vendor locks.


CSE Starter Suite enables CIO’s and their IT teams to create multiple stage roadmaps depending on the future needs of automation, cloud and additional infrastructure demands. This roadmap also allows you to adapt service offerings from HP and non-HP software partners for consumption (remember no vendor lock-in). CSE Starter Suite leverages HP’s open extensible architecture and broad software expertise to provide advanced IT operations management capabilities for both IT and Line of Business Users.




With CSE Starter Suite, you start with your choice of roadmap workshops highlighting possible cloud journeys for your enterprises. This leads in to CloudSystem Enterprise 50 pack that has been prepackaged as a 50-Pack and offered at a significantly reduced price point below the US$50,000 (list price) mark.  We are offering the 50 pack to  overcome adoption concerns.


The proof point for the CSE Starter Suite is found in the combined hardware-software value presented when enterprises manage for the hybrid cloud. This facilitates future conversations as enterprises look to adopting incremental multiple 50 Pack’s and new hardware.


Learn more about HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite …

These are just some areas that CSE Starter Suite provides a market changing experience. It  combines software that is open to multiple hypervisors, is hardware agnostic and can be used when automating the entire application stack. It allows CIOs to be in a unique position to capitalize on this tectonic shift in value by having Platform-as-a-Service conversations over older outdated Infrastructure-as-a-Service ones.


To get more information:

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