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75/300 – Magical figures to get powerful insight and perfect clarity with IT event correlation

75/300 – Magical figures to get powerful insight and perfect clarity with IT event correlation


75/300 – Magical figures to get powerful insight and perfect clarity



If like me you started pottering around with photography numerous years ago, you’ll remember powerful but heavy lenses like this one.
At the time, it was a dream to be able to afford long focal lengths of 75 – 300 in the same lens. Unfortunately it usually meant an aching arm after a few hours working with it. It also meant saving pocket money for a long time to afford the lens.

Having that kind of power at hand was amazing-- and honestly still is today.  (Provided there’s not too much compromise on picture quality, when taken at a distance). In my opinion, smartphone cameras do a fair job, but they can’t challenge the high quality you can get from a precision lens.

As I pondered this thought, I was reminded of the benefits our HPE Software Operations Bridge customers can obtain from this IT event management software.


Event volume reduction

You don’t need a “heavyweight lens” to get that benefit.

Many customers who have begun the evolution process to the Operations Bridge have seen its tremendous capability to perform very effective IT event management. This efficiency is accomplished by using time series, stream based correlation, deduplication and event filtering. This move is so effective that some have reported 75 percent event reduction very early on in their implementations.



Now topology-based event correlation (TBEC) will always to provide the strongest identification of root cause and prioritization using HP Operations Bridge. This is because it will correlate (according to the designed rules), which event is the most important and link to it and the business impact. Many of our management packs provide domain specific, out-of-the-box TBEC correlation rules. This will make your path easier to easy your path to gain value from the Operations Bridge IT event correlation and management implementation

When coupled with the above capabilities and by using multiple data collection mechanisms for application performance monitoring as well as infrastructure and network monitoring, then they can achieve as much as 300 percent ROI from their implementation.


I bet you are wondering how this is all possible.

Well it does take a certain approach to work out the value IT event correlation and management actually provides, but it isn’t magic and it is not rocket science either.


Ask yourself:

  • How many tickets are we opening that are fairly useless in solving issues?
  • How many people work on them for what duration?
  • Does your operations depend on war rooms to gather data and study to determine want went wrong and how it should be fixed?

If you are not happy with your answers to these questions, then consider how much one hour of time costs.

Gauges of operational efficiency include: cost estimation, a clear event reduction, improvement in the triage of incidents and task assignment to appropriate staff.


This is where those companies scored AND how they’ve measured the savings that declare ROI. In some cases they have made >$1M savings / year, over 300% RoI in their first year in some cases

You can see some of them speaking about their implementations in the videos here, (see the case studies section for the videos).

EMEA Analyst Dennis Drogseth spoke with some of them and compiled his own observations of their progress and expresses his view point on our solution in his report.


I also invite you to study the new white paper “Obtaining ROI from HPE Operations Bridge”.


The Operations Bridge is progressively providing a lot of value to more and more customers. We’ll continue describing its capabilities and bringing new customers stories at event like the upcoming Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015 London.


This year the event runs December 1-3 at the ExCel center in London. We invite you to join us and hear more at these sessions.  You can register for the event here. I will be presenting:

BB6340 - Transforming IT with HPE Operations Bridge v10 and Business Value Dashboards

The greatest thing I like about Discover is that every year so many customers come and speak about their successes. In this sessions both Die Mobiliar and Kaiser Permanente will give an overview of their experiences with HP Operations Bridge including the exciting Business Value Dashboard. I promised you won’t want to miss how they describe amazing stories and benefits their teams have gained.

BB 6341 - Best practices for managing your Cloud Infrastructure including OpenStack with HPE Operations Bridge

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is introducing many new aspects of our business—especially since this is the first Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover conference. We will cover our strategy around Cloud, and this session will go into more detail. We’ll have our own IT organization and a guest customer speaker describing their experiences managing Cloud implementations based on Cloud Foundry. Both are using the HP Operations Bridge, and we can’t wait to hear their stories. This promises to be an extremely popular session, don’t miss it. 

DF6422 - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operations Bridge and system management; meet the experts

Many of the above aspects and more will be the topics we’ll use to discuss with some of the customers mentioned above and our HPE Operations Bridge experts. Make sure you book your place early to attend this session.

T6417 - Introducing HPE Business Value Dashboards; color your IT data

By now you’ve captured that we’ll roll out the version of HPE Operations Bridge that brings the new HPE Business Value Dashboard to everyone. Come and see how it’s used to help IT organizations communicate their value and get more engaged in strategic business decision making, and hear about a customer example.



Join the Operations Bridge team at HPE Discover London to see a demonstration at booths 7287, 7288, 7289, and 7314, get questions answered or just to say hello.



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