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7 challenges in storage resource management and their solutions

7 challenges in storage resource management and their solutions


Did you know that 25% of a typical IT budget is spent on storage (1)? Even worse news, 70% of that storage is used ineffectively (2).


Our own research supports this ineffective use.



Join us at the Challenges in storage resource management and their solutions webinar to find solutions to this problem and others.


The webinar will cover the Storage Resource Management (SRM) market and challenges. Some of those challenges are: keeping up with the data that is growing at exponential rates and how to reclaim lost storage.


We will also include a demonstration of HP Storage Operations Manager, our solution to help storage managers make the best use of storage and plan for future storage purchases.



(1) Nicole Henderson, May 2013

(2) Storage Innovation Executive Summit in NYC, May 2011, Brian Truskowski


About the speakers

Kara McMillan


Kara McMillan is the Product Manager of HP Software Storage Management solutions. She has over 15 years of experience in storage resource management software.






Vijay Ram S


As a member of the HP Software Storage Management R&D Team, Vijay has nearly 9 years of experience developing software and solutions in the storage resource management domain - covering all facets of engineering and design.








Join the Storage Management team at HP Discover London to see a demonstration, get questions answered or just say hello.



Storage Operations Manager (SOM) is a storage resource management solution that helps you reduce total costs of storage operations and increase productivity. Start your free trial today.


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