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6 “Must Do” New Year Resolutions for CIOs

6 “Must Do” New Year Resolutions for CIOs


This time of year we all tend to consider those things that we resolve to make the next year healthier, wealthier, and happier. According to the US National Institute for Health, among the most common of these are Losing Weight, Stopping Smoking, Getting Finances in Order, Find a Better Job, Get Fit, and Declutter. Yet as I review these goals, I also see these as important resolutions not only for us individually, but for many senior IT executives. To accomplish any one of the goals for self- improvement, help is needed from friends, family, and others.  To accomplish any one of these for IT department improvement, help is required from SaaS and the Cloud. To explain what I mean, let’s review the list as it impacts the Enterprise IT organization:


CIO Resolution #1: Lose Weight: Or, in this case, lose ‘wait’: The time between identifying a problem, determining a solution, and integration of that solution can test the most patient of souls. Many resources quote a 74% failure rate for new IT initiatives, often due to delays that outlive the problem being solved. In 2012, resolve to accelerate the deployment of critical solutions by leveraging ready-to-deploy solutions delivered via Software-as-a-Service.


CIO Resolution #2: Stop Smoking: The stress of managing the modern IT organization is enough to get anyone worked up so that, as the cliché says, ‘smoke is coming from your ears’. In this case, integrating SaaS and the Cloud and enjoying the efficiency, TCO, and many other benefits of SaaS is one important way to reduce the stress of deploying and maintaining software solutions in the enterprise. On a related note, unlike the methods used when accomplishing this goal personally, ‘patches’ aren’t necessary to realize this goal in the professional realm, as all upgrades in a SaaS model is part of the subscription price, further reducing that stress in IT.




CIO Resolution #3: Get Finances in Order: As you are likely aware, a long-standing benefit of the SaaS model is that it uses Operating budget, not the often far more limited Capital Expense budget.  In addition, Cloud deployments and SaaS deployments are far more agile, flexible to changes in demand, and are far easier to predict for 2012 budgeting.


CIO Resolution #4: Find a Better Job: A key challenge for IT executives in 2012 is that many employees are likely looking for new jobs, particularly as the economy continues to improve  and competitors might offer more challenging roles. By deploying a SaaS solution, you can redeploy key employees on challenging initiatives that keep them interested, involved, and contributing to the business’ bottom line - instead of simply managing on-premise versions of software that dull their interest and cause a wandering eye.


CIO Resolution #5: Get Fit: No longer relegated to providing support for office applications or supplying data to other functional areas, IT in 2012 has a critical role in the enterprise. To realize the promise of what it would mean to the enterprise if IT could ‘flex more muscle’ in the boardroom, IT must embrace change and leverage the Cloud and SaaS to discover more efficient, effective ways to collect, analyze and manage information.


CIO Resolution #6: DeClutter: Hundreds or thousands of square feet in a datacenter space and thousands of dollars in unused software are just two ways IT ‘clutter’ impacts the enterprise by costing money and diverting resources to unnecessary utility costs, underutilized shelfware, and expensive maintenance and support. SaaS and Cloud solutions reduce these requirements in the enterprise. 2012 is a perfect time to review support contracts toward less expensive alternatives, consume software only as needed, and increase adoption of solutions… all while reducing the need for hardware upgrades as well. SaaS solutions are a proven way to accomplish this important goal.


So what other resolutions are on your list? And how can SaaS and the Cloud help you accomplish them?   

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Nice one, Jim !.  Unlike all other New Year resolutions, the CIO better deliver on these.  After losing wait and getting fit, the CIO will need to stretch -- just the right amount -- as I outline in The Top 5 reasons why the CIO is stretched in today's Cloud Computing world