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6 FREE super cool tools to help you tame your network

6 FREE super cool tools to help you tame your network


By Mark Pinskey

Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Automated Network Management


When you think about network management and network troubleshooting, what do you think of? Does the thought conjure images of superheroes, magicians or construction workers? The one thing these miracle workers all have in common is their use of tools to get the job done. Their tools make them stronger and give them the ability to do their jobs quickly while drastically reducing their mean time to repair. (Think of all of Batman’s awesome tools and gadgets for a moment, ooo the batmobile, what I would do to take it around the block!)


Today we are excited to provide your network management team with the tools they need to lighten their load and do their jobs better. And the best part—they are free. Our new network utilities and network administration tools help you manage many aspects of today’s modern networks. Now you have the ability to do a variety of useful network tasks including everything from “pinging” your network devices for health and availability to determining who is using the most network bandwidth.


The power of FREE

This new HP network management toolkit is available to everybody, free of charge, with absolutely no strings attached.  These tools represent many man hours of engineering and development effort by the same team that brought you HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) and HP Network Automation (NA). They provide the same high-quality and value you have experienced with other HP Software products. 


These tools have the ability to help network operations and management report on, analyze and troubleshoot various aspects of a company’s enterprise network environment. These tools work well for all network sizes, with or without any other HP Software products that you may already own or have implemented. 


The toolkit includes:


  • HP Ping your Network
  • HP User Registrations Viewer for Microsoft Lync
  • HP Network Port Scanner
  • HP VM Reporter
  • HP Network Device Configuration Inspector
  • HP Network Flow Analytics



















Again, you will be able to download any or all of the available tools to use in your environment absolutely free for as long as you wish. Each tool includes documentation detailing the system requirements, installation and use, allowing you to be up and running as quickly as possible.

Want to know more?


In the next few weeks we will generate more articles letting you know more about each new tool and the value each of these tools bring to your network staff.  We believe that these tools will make your job easier by freeing up some of your valuable time. Now you will be able to redirect your energy and focus on more proactive network management activities. 


In the meanwhile, Download the FREE network toolkit today! Have fun and remember to be sure to let us know your thoughts and impressions of the tools.


If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at  


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