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4 ways to enhance your HP Operations Bridge content experience

4 ways to enhance your HP Operations Bridge content experience


Our customers choose HP Operations Bridge to bring clarity to their environment from the chaos and complexity of the world around. We understand that today, our customer’s IT environment is a mixed bag of solutions—it is a co-existence of legacy infrastructure/applications with new hybrid infrastructures/applications. These environments have a  combination of infrastructure types—physical/virtual/on-premise/outsourced/cloud etc., multiple different vendors, multiple different applications and so on. 



The power of HP Operations Bridge increases with the variety of “content” that is available for it to aggregate, analyze, correlate and pin point the source of the problem. With this in mind, HP Operations Bridge is architected in a way that allows you to “plug and play” content from various different sources – directly from applications such as Oracle Database, Vertica, Hadoop OR from third party tools such as Microsoft SCOM, Nagios and so on. This content can come from any source – HP, partners or even other users like you. The BSM community on HP Live Network is a one-stop location to bring together content from HP, partners and users—I recommend you visit the network to learn more.


So how can you benefit from the capabilities of HP Operations Bridge to enrich your content experience?


Learn: Creation of custom content has become easier. Learn from various development guides, blogs from HP experts, videos, scripts and tools available to help you create custom content such as Service Health Reports, Connectors and Management Packs.


Interact: With a large community of HP customers, partners and experts. Now you can have focused discussions around your content needs or content creation needs. Request new content, get assistance from experts, avail services from partners – there is a whole lot you can do through this forum.


Discover: Gain access to free, trial or premium content created by the ecosystem to suit your content requirements. Subscribe to this page to be notified when new content is added.



Share: Be a goodwill ambassador – share your experiences and custom content created with other users.


Visit the BSM Community today - let us know what you need in regards to Business Service Management and our large community will work toward enriching your experience.

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